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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chickoo Fruit Plant Care and Tips and Heavy Roses on Bush Tricks

Two Loving White Pigeons
 As there was one now there are two. The white pigeon becoming our friendly guest and staying close by has another friend, again a white pigeon, female. So the two lovey doves do frequent our window sill for snacks and stay close by.
Drooping Roses on Bush
Meanwhile the rose bush has been at its best in this rainy season. With very big and heavy roses that they are drooping on the bush with their weight.
Big Size Heavy Rose Flowers
 Tips and Tricks for heavy rose flowers- feedings, are very important. Yes Regular feedings of fertilizer, any one available from your local nursery. Some people do suggest tea leaves but they attract red ants which eat up the plant roots. So I have kept to the traditional fertiliser. Place is another very important part to get good blooms on your rose bush. Select a place that receives indirect sunlight for some part of the day and not direct sunlight as the plant has to spend energy to keep itself upright in full sunlight and this energy saved can be diverted into blooms. I have also added egg shells which act as fertilizer and good calcium supplement for the rose bush to give out heavy big flowers.
Big Red Rose Flower Tips
 Tricks for heavy flowers on rose bush- fertilize it before the rains or winter when the plant grows at its best. Give at least two to three weeks time before you can see the results. Trick here is to trim the flowering ends after flowering to encourage new fresh growth quickly. As you keep trimming the weak shoots coming out of the rose bush that grows from all directions , you give the message of focus to the plant and viola! the thick stem is fully laden with red big heavy rose flowers,. You may also add ready made fertilizer that is available in packets in your local nursery shop.
Majestic Big Red Rose Growing Tricks

First Chickoo Fruit on Tree in Container
 Our first chickoo fruit, am veyr happy. The chickoo plant is growing healthy in a big container. In fact chickoos grow well in containers as you can take good care of the chickoo fruit plant in restricted area..
Chickoo Fruit on Tree
 The chickoo fruit has come after the flowering session has been over. The chickoo plant had white and yellow lovely blooms earlier which have dropped later on and the tiny buds have now grown gradually and are increasing in size, waiting to taste the sweet chickoo fruit grown in container in our terrace garden!
Chickoo Fruit on Plant in Pot
Tips for healthy chickoo fruit grown in container- fertilize the plant once ins ix months with any fertilsier available, if possible cowdung is the best bet but it may not be available everywhere and not many of us gardeners are comfortable with the use because of the smell. Trim the shoots that are growing from all directions, yes I have trimmed the chickoo plant so many times, that sometime back I realized with fear that I may not kill it, or probably it may go into coma! but the chickoo plant has given out lovely fruits after giving many flowers earlier. Now I have to see whether the chickoo fruits grow to the same size as available outside in the fruit market and of course the taste, will post update later on....
meanwhile bless the white pigeons couple live happily ever..


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