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Friday, March 23, 2018

How to Save Chinese Goodluck Bamboo Plant 8 Immediate Practical tips

Chinese Goodluck Bamboo plants not growing, drying leaves of Chinese Bamboo plants are so depressing...mainly because people grow these for goodluck and wealth and then being unsuccessful in growing makes them sad and worried as this affects their home incoming wealth luck.
If you wealth is depleting and money going out is more than coming in check your feng shuii wealth cures. 
Dried Leaves of Chinese Goodluck Bamboo plant
You can save your Goodluck Chinese Bamboo plant with some cautious care beforehand. 8 immediate tips, practical care to save your Chinese Bamboo plants. 
1) If leaves are drying trim them. If tips of leaves are drying, trim them and save your bamboo plants. They will continue growing. 
2) Tips may look brown trim immediately you will save the leaf and the plant.
3) If the roots or stems are rotting and mushy replace immediately, into other container or wash the roots well dry a bit and then put again in water. 
4) Rotten stems never revive, so remove them. They will make the water muddy and kill the other stems of Bamboo also. 
5) In case the soil is not proper and the plants are not growing healthy, you can repot them. This will save your Bamboo plants. When soil is not good the plants will gradually die, you will not even realize when all turn brown one after another. I have saved many like this, presence of mind works.  
6) I have planted them in soil also. Yes, you can plant them if you are not successful in growing your Bamboo plants in water.  They will bring luck anyway.
7) Tie a red ribbon or thread, this not only activates the feng shuii luck energy but also gives direction and support, they grow beautifully tall, I love tall shoots of Bamboo! 
Tie simple red thread

8) For replanting Chinese Bamboo plants choose stems that have some shoots coming out. This is auspicious and lucky for wealth and opportunities luck. This brings life to the new stem and also one stem branches out into many, very very good Feng Shuii!

Healthy Green Chinese Goodluck Bamboo Plant
The Chinese Goodluck Bamboo Plant 

Best tip to choose cuttings of Bamboo 
Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!
Garden Care Simplified
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