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Monday, May 15, 2017

Practical Suggestions Plants Care During Summer 5 Practical Simple Workable Tips for Garden during summer

With so many emails and photographs sent to inquire about serious conditions in plant health, writing this post to give practical tips during summers ,especially really hot summers!
and I really wish your plants are saved, take extra care of your plants that are growing in containers and are under the sun, with these tips and of course with loads of love!
1) Try to cover up the sides or top of the plants with cool green cloth, this is what we did, and it helped conserve some humidity in container plants.Green cloth is the cheapest and works wonders to lower atmospheric temperatures.This is seen in many gardens and plant nurseries.
2) water regularly and carefully. In summers never skip watering as till the end of the day plants without water droop.
Chinese Bamboo in our garden on a sunny day
3) Increase the quantity of water. See that the whole container gets enough water till base. Most times with little water only the top layer  of soil gets wet and the roots go dry, so there are chances of plant drooping and also you may lose them.
4) Water twice or thrice depending upon the  location you stay. Leaves curl, plants droop, and soil on top of container has cracked lines. Sometimes on very hot days you see plants looking wilted and drooping, add water, they will spring back. Because if you wait till the next day the plant becomes more weak trying to conserve energy facing the environmental heat.
5) I do shift some of my plants to a shadier location trying to avoid the direct sunlight for many hours during hot  summers. If possible shift some, or change places. Some delicate plants, usually smaller containers cannot survive for longer periods under sun, shifting them temporarily for summers helps.
These tips are only for plant problems occurring due to watering less during summers. Also do give a check for drooping plant for pest, most common are red ants that eat away  roots . Then also beetles and bugs begin to chew upon leaves and you see holes in leaves.
Pink Star Cluster drooping in summer

Plant shriveled during a hot summer day

Fresh pink star cluster after watering 
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
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All the Best from Rizwana!

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