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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Passion Fruit Climber Passion Flower Unique Exotic passion Flower Plant

The passion flower is one of the most beautiful flowers seen and known and it is truly worth the effort. 
Pair of passion flowers exotic blooms
The very easy growing passion flower vine did not require any special care and seems to be growing happily on a trellis. I think I should have given it some help to grow side ways also so that I would have more access to the passion fruits for which I am waiting with excitement. The flower is so beautiful so the fruit will be a bundle of joy!. The passion flower is different and it has a centre of rich purple with the petals of light bluish green colour. The fine detail in the passion flower does make one wonder God has created every thing in so much detail, I being an artist know just how much effort it requires to paint in detail, , Thank you so much God , Universe, for making such beautiful flowers , fruits and the whole of nature that produces great bounties to give us sustenance.
Tendrils of passion flower plant
Passion fruit climber
 Flowering of The Beautiful Passion Flower on Plant in Container
 The beautiful rare passion flower plant  had flowered once last year but the blooms were weak and small. This year after about more than 15 months of planting the vine of passion flower has given beautiful blooms. The passion flower is proved to be a good mood uplifter and its fragrance is proved to ignite passion and positive energy. ( Google)
 The passion fruit plant has two types of leaves and at first I was confused that the plant was going crazy. But later I noticed that the plant produces two types of leaves on the same plant. One type is the ordinary leaf shape which we see in majority of plants and the other is three petal led leaf. I think this must be related to the maturity of the plant. The passion fruit plant is a vine which throws tendrils to cling to the trellis or support. You can guide your climber over a rope or a trellis especially designed for this vine. The passion flower was only for a day and was spent in the evening, as the flower gradually closed its petals, it had lived a day of pride and had no regrets of its end. The fruits I think are expected after three to four years of planting. Keeping my fingers crossed! 
Passion fruit Plant Growing tips- The passion fruit vine grows like wild. It is very important that you plan how you wish your passion fruit climber to grow. The best place would be an area that receives indirect sunlight and some direct sun for at least some part of the day. Try to have an accessible trellis so that when the fruits or flowers come up you can appreciate them. The side of your garden also can be used to plant this fast growing vine for privacy. Trim and guide your passion fruit vine according to your requirements to keep this beautiful flowering vine neat.
Feed the passion fruit vine with your regular fertilizer for flowers and fruits, once in six months. Watering regularly is better, though the passion fruit vine can tolerate few dry days in between watering. The fruits are heavy oval shaped balls like but the vine is so strong , it holds the fruits well. I saw a really huge passion  fruit tree in Mahabaleshwar, it has hundreds of fruits hanging on the tree!
Close up of centre part of passion flower

Centre part of flower close up passion flower

Passion flower 

Passion flower plant leaf close up

Passion flower climber 

Tendrils of passion fruit climber 

Healthy climber Passion Fruit 

Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You Awesum Luck, Happy Gardening! from my little space under the sun!

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