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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why I cant grow Raat Ki Rani Night Queen Flowering Fragrant jasmine Plant Photos shared by Mateen Ramali

Night Queen Fragrant jasmine Raat Ki Rani plant
Fully loaded and looking soooo happy! with all its traditional lore and stories the raat ki raani , Night queen enjoys its stay in many societies. So happy to see this one blooming Awesumly! It is not only a prized possession but the fragrance is heavenly citric and freshens up your mind and soul.  My brother Mateen Ramali shared some fresh clicks of this fully loaded Plant and what an Awesum show!Thank you very much for this beautiful share!
Flowering of Raat ki Rani Plant

Climbing high Night Queen  Raat ki Raani plant
While  my brother Mateen Ramali, keeps going daily for nature walks, he sure has an eye for creative clicks. The live video is shared on Facebook on our group Garden Care Simplified. 
Fully Loaded Raat Ki Rani flower buds
Snakes, Fairies, Angels, dwell upon plants with fragrant blooms. Yet more so, old grannies used to say white flowers, especially Champa, flower of joy also has the same lores. We do have a pair of these beautiful Champa plants. Lost many Raat ki raani plants due to not finding best place for placement. I do agree on fairies and nature spirits as they do take care of your garden when you are not there! Of course only when you are a dedicated gardener, even for a few days absence they take care of your plants and it is proved , whenever we go for short trips and watering is skipped, the same plants that go limp in a day without water, survive for a week and spring back when watered!
Why I cant grow, unable to grow,  Raat Ki Raani plant?  stopped now, will give it a try later again. First my Raat ki Raani plants were growing well but the flowers did not have fragrance. Mostly it was a non fragrant one.
The next plant , sapling of raat ki raani plant was so tiny, a lanky stem, so it did not make it for long...thought to purchase a bigger one, I always advice to buy a flowering sapling that has flowers on it, otherwise you sometimes never see flowers!
Again I had purchased a bushy Raat ki raani plant but it did not like direct sunlight, so shifted it to a quieter less sunny spot and it took to growth. Impulsively trimmed it for encouraging flowering, and it was attacked by pests, root rot, white fungus and did not make it...
finally I did not grow it in a mud pot, chose a plastic container that will retain moisture and allow the plant soil to remain moist for longer time.this gave the spring of leaves and stems. waiting for flowers .
Some Important Care for Raat Ki Raani during summers-
1) place  plants under full sunlight or partial light for at least few hours.
2) Avoid very dark corners as there is tendency of slugs snails and pests to attack the plant.
3) Water carefully, summers are hot but over watering may lead to root rot.
4) If the new Raat ki Raani plants are giving out stems let them grow in the same pot. When the roots are developed and the plant looks healthy then you can trim them. 
5) Keep checking the plant in summers for pests, and you can add some feeding too nourish and get healthy  flowers.  
6) Flowers and  leaves may burn in full sun so partial is best as it loses its fragrance fast in full hot sun. Flowers of Night queen also dry off after flowering and then drop.
7) Very Very important ,,w ell draining rich nutrient soil, other wise , we have lost many precious ones over the years due to root rot and even I think rats are the reason. 

Hope this helps, All the Best from Rizwana!
the majestic plant photos shared are of an Awesum Raat Ki Raani huge Bush Plant ,it  has organic feedings regularly and looks happy!
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
All the Best from Rizwana! Happy Gardening! Like, comment, share for the love of Gardening! do come by Face book group Garden Care Simplified!

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