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Monday, September 15, 2014

Why You Are Not Able to Grow Plants in Hanging Baskets Some Very Important Tips for Fully Loaded Hanging Baskets Flowering Tips

Hanging baskets not only add beauty to your garden with most flowering plants growing beautifully in them but also make the garden design attractive and give a visual appeal. The advantage of hanging baskets is they leave the floor space free for use and also do not require much acre except watering and few trimmings. 
Vibrant Colorful petunia Flowering Plant

We all love the heavy hanging baskets full of flowers and even though they look beautiful and easy there are some tips and trick to maintain your hanging baskets beautifully loaded with blooms.
Purple Shaded Petunia flowering plant in hanging baskets
Boston Fern Best  Plant for Hanging baskets
Though we nowadays get ready hanging baskets with lovely flowering plants and ornamental grasses after the season many plant lovers see that the hanging basket plants begin to look dry and then the plant dies off after a period of quiet time. Does not give out flowers and also does not grow any more new leaves.
Purple heart Plant
The lovely bunches of happiness give a fuller look and most of the times  the containers are fully covered with plants and flowers giving them a look of almost a bouquet of flowers.
Here I share some very important tips and trick to keep those lovely hanging baskets fully loaded with blooms-
1) Buy a hanging basket with growing plant that shows green leaves and some space in the hanging basket. Fully covered hanging baskets have little scope for new growth and thus after few days begin to die as roots have over grown in and covered the whole hanging pot.
2) Water carefully and let the plant dry off well between watering. Never over water hanging basket plants.
Lovely Carnations Flowering Plants For hanging baskets
3) When the hanging basket plants start looking dry and dull its time to repot them. Remove the plant from hanging baskets with roots, trim the roots and then repot or divide plants and repot in different hanging baskets.
Boston Fern Needing Repotting

4) Check out for ants and pests attack to roots and never over water. They eat up the roots which are not easily visible to us if the whole hanging basket is covered with green leaves and flowers.
5)  Keep the soil well draining as clogged soil kills the plants in hanging baskets. And most of the time we see plates under the hanging baskets to collect drained water, this collected water may rot the roots as sometimes the plant starts taking water from roots .
Baby Pink Petunia Flower for Hanging baskets
Usually the best grown plants are lovely ferns, Chinese roses,  purple hearts, wandering jew, petunias and many many more. Sharing some of the beautiful plants form our terrace garden, Enjoy!
Chinese Rose Vibrant Pink for Hanging Baskets

more Petunia flowers 
All the Best enjoy the lovely hanging baskets of happiness! check out the rainbow flower

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