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Friday, September 12, 2014

How to grow Five Senses Garden Spice Garden and Important Tips for Mint and Coriander Growing

Hit all your five sense, grow Five Senses Garden. Herbs and spices , most can be grown in containers and not only do they smell great and look great but also add up on the beauty of your kitchen garden.
Mint grown in containers is a great source used in most stomach and digestive cures, and is grown very easily in containers. With partial shade, and of course protection from birds, sparrows and pigeons love to pluck them off, and regular but judicious watering mint plants give lots of healthy leaves. Very easy to grow mint, just purchase mint from market, take lower portions of the stems and keep some leaves on it and stick this in soil. Very few days the stem starts new fresh lime green leaves.
Curry leaves plant
Tulsi herb Plant
Ajwain Oregano leaves plant
corriander easy to grow from dhania seeds

Mint Leaves very easy to grow from cuttings
Ginger is another one I love, very easy to grow and can be grown from rhizome purchased from market. Cut off a rounded piece which can grow new roots soon and then put this in container just below the soil, and soon new green leaves sprout from the rhizome of gainer. The leaves are similar to green grass, except elongated ones in size.
Coriander is one easy growing herb but very fond of this are the sparrows! grow from dried seeds of Dhania available as spices.
Important  tips  to grow herbs, especially Coriander and Mint,
1) get a net cover so that the herbal  plants are protected and they also receive fresh air and sunlight.
2) For use, plucking, try not to cut off from the soil or ground. Use top leaves only so that the original plant can multiply and spread easily.
3) Try to trim with sharp scissors and do not pull of while plucking herbs for use as you may uproot the whole plant and disturb the root system.
So next time you need not add dried herbs, try fresh ones from your garden, it taste great and have a great aroma, hitting all your five sense at a time, visual, fragrances and health soothing the brain and mind, All the Best from Rizwana!


  1. Irrigation Services are provided by the government to maintain the gardens, lawns, and flower nursery.So do follow their guidelines and maintain your lawn as per your requirement.

  2. Thank you Jack for sharing this information here on Garden Care Simplified. Welcome to my blog!
    All the Best from Rizwana!


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