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Monday, May 23, 2011

Crossandra Flower/Aboli Flowers

The aboli flower is a very famous flower of the south in India. Though this is available everywhere the growing procedure may not be so simple. Different colours of flowers are seen. Yellow, blue, orange and peach. I have the peach coloured flowers on my plant. This plant grows from seeds that come after
each bloom. At the end of the flowering bunch when the flowers have dried one can see dried tiny seeds . The plant can be grown with these seeds. Bangalore and Mysore you wills ee many ladies wearing these flowers in hair. Aboli flowers look very beautiful and bright fresh orange and peach coloured flowers.They are available very cheap and can be purchased from any flower seller. These flowers grow in bunches and hence each stem will give a good produce of aboli flowers. This is basically a bush.
Aboli Flower/Crossandra
Care is requried for this plant as they are prone to attack by pests. White fungus,, ants, and other pests can totally destroy the plant. Water it sparingly and with care as over watering leads to death of plant. These Aboli flowers can be used for decorations and during festivals and are very famous especially in the south. Ladies wear them as hair decorations and garlands and also decoarte their homes with these aboli flowers.
I have learnt that putting them in transparent glass plate or any metal plate with water gives an attractive display and this flower arrangement can be a welcoming note on any occassion.

Beautiful Aboli and Jhendu Flowers for sale in Bangalore.
For a good bloom plants that do not get full day light is best. Leaves may burn in direct sunlight so also the fowers.
keep it under a bigger plant to enjoy the aboli flowers at its best!
Tips: Grow in bushes and groups for better blooms and riot of colours in the garden. Tall palm trees or another bigger tree can give it protection from direct sunlight and rain. During rainy season try to save it from direct heavy down pours.
All the Best  from Rizwana!
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