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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Selecting the Right Container

Selecting the right conatiner for planting is the most important part of success in growing a healthy plant. There are many containers available in the market and one can choose according to sapce available and size of the plant and its variety. Too big a container will over shadow the plant and too small one will not allow healthy growth of the plant. How to choose the right container?
If you have a big garden and have ornamental trees and fruit trees than big drums of palstic or metal would be ideal. As they are tough and will also bear the weight of the plant and sunlight.I have a beautiful cherry tree growing in a container. Orange plant or tree also gives good fruits and can be grown in a big container. Other plants that are flowering or easy growing can eb potted in any container made of mud or ceramic. Remember the size of the plant will indicate the right container for the plant. Vegetables can be grown in tubs and mud or cement containers. Cement ones are the most hardiest and strongest containers and can also be made at home by mixing cement in any mould.
Climbers and creepers require special care for growing as they requrie support in from of trellis or wires for growing. As these plants grow longer they also require bigger pots, if your purpose is to cover a fence or a window.  Window  boxes are also available in various fancy shapes, colours and sizes. Even broken mugs, soup bowls or even frying pans can be used for gardening to grow plants.
If your plant requries more water it is better  to select a ceramic pot that can retain water for longer time. Plants requiring well draining soil are best planted in mud containers. Plastic containers can be used for any plant, with only care taken to keep the soil well draining to allow excess water to drain off.Some information regarding the growth pattern of the plant will also help in selecting the right container. If the plant likes to be root bound for flowering then small pots will be best fro this type of plant. Example a Brahma Kamal plant requires smaller pot and thought the plant grows in any direction a smalle rpot will encourage more blooms. A fern can be grown in a hanging basket so also other ornamental plants which have smaller roots. The hibiscuis and rose plant require a standard sized pot. The plant size you wish to achieve will be the indicator   for your selection of the pot. Water plants like lotus and water cabbage require mud as base and a larger cement container with a wider mouth . The base of any container  must be flat to keep the pots in proper place otherwisse there is risk of toppling.While purchasing a container one must check the base of the pot. It has to be well flat and balanced. The size must be appropriate to the selection of your plant. Look for flawas and abnormalities as many potters sell faulty pieces by just colouring mud water on them.  Search for  original mud pots that are baked as these will last longer.
Finally bargain as in all aspects of buying , so also do bargain during the process of buying pots as the sellers  have a tendency of over quoting high prices at the first and then coming down. Remember selecting the right container is the first step toward success in gardening and make this step right. Choose the right conatiner and enjoy happy blooms!

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