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Monday, May 23, 2011

Rare Orchid Flower

The orchid flower is a very rare and exotic flower. Every gardener dreams of owning an orchid plant and to watch it flower is another beautiful experience. There are many varieties of orchids available in the flower market and all give different flowers. Rare plants are available in rain forests and jungles. Some orchids attach themselves to bigger trees and grow by getting nutrition from that plant. They also grow arieal roots as they have to hang to cling to the host trees. They therefore need well aerated soil where the roots can breathe.
I have been fascinated by this orchid flower as the shape of this flower is very different than other flowers. Owning one is a dream come true, as we all know orchid plants are very costly and rare. Home grown plants are easy to care. The rare species are available in wild settings and one has to go deep into the forests to observe them in their natural habitat. They can be seen clinging to big trees and one hardly notices them, except when they flower, as the blooms are very attractive and colourful. I have also read that the orchid flowers look similar to the female organs and are especially made to attract bees and other insects for pollination and new growths, as they grow in deep forests and transferring of pollens is difficult. Its tendency and growing sprit encourages flowers to be attractive and colourful. Some flowers also have an attractive fragrance, which may be for attracting insects to help in pollination. 
My orchid  plant has shown very good progress and has flowered quite soon, even though it did suffer at my hands and was limp for many days. My researching on the internet did not give any appropriate results and I was feeling very sad, lest this plant would die. It had gone limp after just picking up growth and the reason was over watering and soggy soil. Here I learned that orchids need water but not too much. A well draining soil is must and some amount of indirect sunlight is also requried for flowering.  
Many florists grow these plants in special damp conditions and well aerated soil. Orchids are usually grown in coconut husk and outer shells of coconut. Coal and stones also help in keeping the soil aerated. Some amount of soil and manure will also help to grow a healthy orchid plant. They are happy in hanging baskets.
Orchid Flower

Liliac Orchid Flowers
 Place the orchid plant near the window or where ever it can get some sunlight. When the plant is looking firm and well rooted then only will it flower. The beginning of this was in form of a lump. I thought it is the new leaf growth, but this went on extending like a wine. Small buds which were pink in colour appeared. As each bud opened it was a beautiful sight to see the fresh pink, liliac coloured orchid flowers. Though this orchid plant is very small and I will have to try growing this orchid in a bigger pot, maybe to get bigger blooms.
Close up of Orchid Flower
Tip for growing Orchid Plants: I know it has been advised that they need to be grown in husk and coal and more of stones but remember this is a plant and it needs soil. Using very less soil will give a weak orchid plant which will require continuous care. Think before watering, see the individual requriements of your orchid plant and do not follow advice blindly. Too much water will make it limp, and too little will give brown leaves. Very less soil will not allow proper rooting of the plant and orchid plant will show poor blooms. Direct sunlight for long periods is harmful and very less sunlight will not encourage flowering.
Care, care, care in the beginning, understand your orchid plant and then this is the best, as it will grow without any special care after settling down in your pot!


  1. Orchids come second to my favorite flower, which is the rose. But now that I'm working, mom's left to take care of our orchids. Oh, how I miss those days when I used to sing while I'm watering them.

    Jamie Keifer

  2. Me too. I love roses and in fact now our garden is going fragrant with many new additions of rose plants. orchids are definately in my wish list and will keep looking out for rare orchids.


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