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Monday, September 29, 2014

Wonderful video of Brahma Kamal spiritual flower actually blooming and withering in one night Shared by Our Reader Suresh Misra

Brahma Kamal actually Blooming video, check out this wonderful video of Brahma Kamal spiritual flower blooming and withering in one night, such a wonderful life of majestic beauty!shared by one of readers of Garden Care Simplified,Thank you Suresh!
This is such great news , you can watch the actual blooming of the flower and how gradually it starts closing as if lived its life of majestic beauty.
Brahma Kamal in Full Bloom

I really wonder how much energy the plant puts in in bring up such heavy big sized blooms and then the whole process of peacefully patiently opening of each petal and the wide open flower of Brahma Kamal, and as the night moves on it is so happy and then coming of dawn the whole process goes backwards, life lived like a super star!
watch the video, it gives goose bumps, my heart just skipped a few beats! too good! just no words left, view this beautiful experience shared by our reader of Garden Care Simplified.
Thank you very very much Suresh Misra for this wonderful spiritual share, God Bless from Rizwana!

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