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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mussaenda Erythrophylla container growing care Red Flag Bush Queen Sirikit Large Growing Bushes of Different Colorful Flowers

Mussaenda  Erythrophylla container growing care
 Mussaenda Erythrophylla lovely colorful large sized flowers on this beautiful bush. We have three different types of plants that give out white, peach pinkish and red flowers. Most commonly grown for its beautiful large sized blooms this bush is seen in many housing societies as it grows into large trees if left uncut.  
Common names are Ashanti Blood, Red Flag Bush, Tropical Dogwood shrub. Queen Sirikit is cross breed between Mussaenda Erythrophylla and Mussaenda Phillipica.
Grown mostly for their beautiful ornamental blooms the rare exotic range plants cost here form almost 150 to 1000 INR depending upon the plant size and colors. Bright vermillon red flowering plants are the most costliest and  also need some care while growing. The peach colored and white are somewhat tough ones and take happily to most containers and soil also. 
Are these lovely colored leaves as the central core shows tiny green flowers?  The flower actually may be leaves surrounding the tiny flowers, Sepals as they are called maybe as the beautiful centre shows small sized tiny green flowers. 
Mussaenda Erythrophylla  White Colored Flowers
Mussaenda Erythrophylla container growing care:- 
These are ornamental plants and hence need some care for watering as well as measured amounts of indirect sunlight most parts of the day. The most important task to maintain these plants are the trimming and watering part. 
The plants grow lanky stems that go on drooping with its own weight, that is the heavy big sized blooms. 
Once the plants grow like huge trees they stop giving out many flowers unless trimmed from top. 
In the beginning after the flowering ti is advisable to trim the top to avoid top heavy stems later on and weak plants. 
Sunlight requirements are also some what less clear as the plant does require sunlight but only fresh morning or evening one for few hours and loves partially shaded areas for growth. Water regularly , especially when there are flowers as the plant requires more water during these times. 
Once the plant grown in soil adapts itself the bush grows majestically with big sized blooms all year round. 
Strongest ones are peach and white or off white, look almost heavenly in the morning sunlight. 
Not very much luck in growing the red ones as they need more care and regular feedings to give out healthy blooms, and of course are very costly. 
These plants are grown easily from cuttings , take a thick stem that has three or four branches coming out from main stem. Twizzle the edges and then plant so that the Mussaenda Erythrophylla root faster. 

Mussaenda Erythrophylla  growing in soil land
Soil need not be well draining or rocky, loamy clay soil is best, as they need strong support to hold the heavy plant in place. Mentioning of support the heavy gusty winds over the terrace garden yesterday night brought our beautifully flowered Kamini bush down, sad.. thank God nothing was damaged as the plant is a tough one! I usually tie my large sized plant to metal grill which is surrounding our whole terrace garden,  some support as winds on top floors of high rises  can sometimes be quiet nasty bringing down the pots with a thud, and also not very safe to be around! So while we have lost a few small mud pots in the beginning,  now we have mostly large container plants, these are heavy so that they do not fall and every plant is tied with strong strings to keep the plants safe and avoid such traumas of fall.
Hope this helps, Thank you for the overwhelming shares of your beautiful flowers and plants, it does matter a lot by sharing,  do keep the love for gardening  alive , share your plant photographs and experiences on Garden Care Simplified!
All the Best from Rizwana! Happy Gardening!


  1. What are the soil requirements for Red Flag Bush Queen Sirikit ? Is the Mumbai red soil suitable for the growth of these plants?

  2. Hello Anonymous welcome to garden Care Simplified.
    Yes the soil and climate here at Mumbai is great for these lovely plants.
    Choose the right space and see how beautifully loaded they bloom!
    All the Best from Rizwana!


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