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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Begin your Vertical Garden No Space Make a Wall Garden sharing some tips for Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening Tips on Garden Care Simplified
Begin your Vertical Garden No Space Make a Wall Garden sharing some tips for Vertical Gardening. With space crunch in city many people do not have any space left to bring in nature into their homes and their lives. Today vertical gardening is enjoying the lime light as it is the best option in modern contemporary homes that have great decor and are not so largely spacious.
Today we are seeing more and more vertical gardens in homes and modern offices. As such gardens require less space and also add beauty to your walls it is coming up as  a great option to land gardening which requires more space. We see large walls covered with luscious greenery and even flowers blooming enjoying their vertical space reaching the sky.
Lovely flowering plants Vertical Gardens
Begin a Vertical Garden Simple tips-
 1) Select one wall that is strong , no leakages as water added to plants may seep in side and also create cracks in wall.
2) Sun light, preferably a wall which receives at least some direct sun light for some part of the day as flowering plants will never show blooms without sunlight.
3) Choose stands, vertical ones, metal, wood or acrylic ones that are tough and can take the weight of pots and plant containers. Here in fact even old window structures and frames add great artistic appeal to your vertical garden.
4) Hanging pots, well draining soil and medium sized containers are best for vertical gardening. Avoid large sized containers and large sized plants also as there is risk of toppling over of the pots.
5) Choose plants judiciously as in vertical gardening all plants will receive  same amount of sunlight and also watering will be with same technique.
6) Avoid climbers and creepers that spread wildly as these take over the complete wall and roots coming out from these plants seep into the walls leading to cracks and later on leakages during rainy season. Especially money plants pothos.
7) Vertical gardens can be a great highlight and artistic piece in your home space, one to add beauty, color and of course nature into your home!
And what more to ask for if your vertical garden is light weight it can be carried,shifted and even taken to places! So carry your garden to your new home, office or family homes!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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