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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Brahma Kamalam PDf File of Beautiful Poetry written Text on Blooming of Brahma Kamal Flower Thank you for Sharing Hunuma Sai

Brahma Kamalam -Nov 2010 

Sai Vemuri 

The sheer beauty, the rapid flowering, the quick exit and above all the unique appearance once in a 
year reveal a conscious evolution of a plant which would have worked over thousands of years to 
perfect its act! And why this attempt to be unique and why this struggle for achieving a perfection? It 
is an undercurrent that becomes visually obvious from every flower mesmerizing and capturing our 
attention. The flowers give us a joy, a sense of assimilating beauty and a pleasant sensation flowing 
through the vital body. It is the inner nature of every life to evolve, to reach a state of sublime and 
consummate perfection and beauty in its own unique way, to blend into its environs with a grace and 
dignity and to surrender at the feet of the divine even if it is for a short tender moment. Few plants 
have attempted this unique concept of giving life to a flower on its leaf. Brahma Kamalam is even 
more unique in its presentation of itself with the fine shades of white and a few other pleasing shades, 
and it excels further in providing a breathtaking sequence of the few different phases of flowering. 
The initial modest prayer-like form covering itself fully and leaning forward in humble reverence, the 
gradual opening of its outer layer with sharp and lean sepals resembling the fiery flames from the fire 
ritual of a Homam, and then, the slow unveiling of a pure white inner form with petals gracefully 
spreading out forming layers of geometric precision and beauty, and the final launch of the single long 
Style as if to seat Brahma on its pedestal of stigma! The exit is equally impressive. There is grace, 
there is modesty and there is a triumphant silence. When we go through this motion of a divine act in 
front of our eyes, we feel blessed and perceive the blissful silence that the soul longs for! 
Such a breathtaking flower, wonderful views shared here on Garden Care Simplified, Thank you Hanuma Sai!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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