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Monday, September 22, 2014

Window Gardening Window Sill Gardening 9 Important tips for starting your own window sill garden

Window Gardening Window Sill Gardening is coming up a lot today in homes as with space crunch we are seeing a lot of plant lovers opting for small spaces in windows or window sills to let out their hobby of love for plants. Window gardens give lots of fresh energy to your living rooms with lovely fragrant plants. Even bedrooms can have green window sills to wake up to a new day with fresh green colorful view.
We had a window garden before the terrace garden and I have years of experience in growing window sill garden plants.
Window Gardening

1) Select plants that do not require direct sunlight for many hours as most windows receive sunlight for only few hours of the day . There are many flowering plants (our roses did not bloom in the window garden  and with the open terrace are going wild with heavy blooms and fully loaded bushes!) that will never bloom if they don’t receive direct sunlight for at least few hours of the day, so choose plants that will manage with lesser sunlight and space.
Living Room Window Garden
2) Keep check on the growth of plants in your window garden , especially bedroom window garden, and never let them grow larger than the window as they cover the whole window space and also block air and view from outside. Especially with climbers and creepers.
3) Check on pests and ants as they enter the home from the window, a sight with caterpillars and creepy earthworms inside the home is not a welcome sight!
4) Prevent lot of hanging baskets as dried leaves, natural process of  laves shedding,  come inside the home with breeze.
5) Avoid large container plants as they need lots of water and will make the window sill weak and also invite diseases with stagnant water, mosquitoes and flies .
6) Keep plates under the window garden post to avoid wetness near the window as wet places are active spaces for breeding of mosquitoes and flies.
7) Best to keep plants at a comfortable level so that you can enjoy viewing the blooms and also the fragrances of flowering plants.
8) Avoid leaving the window sill containers  empty as they accumulate dust and garbage thrown as well as mosquitoes and flies. Remove them if not using them.
If left empty the window sill garden  starts accumulating dust and rubbish.
Many complexes have these ready made window sill garden enclosures to plant.
9) Try to select plants that are not edible for birds as they love to pluck and eat fresh leaves of plants grown in window sills. Most birds also come to drink water from potted plants in windows and some try to pluck out, we have lost many beautiful plants, for them it is fun time pass or collecting stems to make nest, but the plants die to this exercise and fun playing from birds , that the plants die of fear of continuously being plucked!especially they love chinese roses and day lillies , poppies, money plant, jade, they will make the pot totally barren!
Budgie love bird enjoying the Gym exercise
the blue one, who was very wise and intelligent among the green, white, yellow  and loved the pen refill , the gym exercises swing, no more with us...I am so sad we lost her on Friday 19th September 2014.she lies peacefully in a garden plant container of Allamanda flowering tree, and has made a special place in our home and heart!please pray for her...still coming to terms with this loss...

All the Best from Rizwana!

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