Friday, August 26, 2016

Overgrown roots in container garden rainy season after effects in container plants Ribbon grass growing tips and Flowering of Yellow Golden champa

Over grown roots in container
 Rainy season has brought so much happiness and colour in our garden, there whole space is an haven for colours and greens!While the roses are overflowing in their containers and blue pea climbers are giving out clinging stems for growing happily taller, there are other serious problems that we face every year after the rainy season. The soil goes rock hard with a thick layer and the roots are overgrown.
Our two Champa flower plants that give out beautiful white yellow shaded champa blooms have over grown to a large height, showering their happiness from above the base has become too full of roots. The top looks Awesum green with large sized leaves and thick fleshy stems but the container roots have come above the soil surface, and since rains are on the plant is looking happy but later we will have to either trim it down or replace it to a new larger home, a bigger container.
Ribbon grass 
 Ribbon grass is one ornamental grass that grows very easily and even multiplies on its own very fast. The beautiful ribbon grass with light creamish elongated leaves that have a lime green line in middle of each leaf look like a green bunch of overflowing happiness. It is very easy to make new plants from mother plant as it has set out a long stalk with tiny babies, what a beauty, each one bunch can be a new life, a new ribbon grass plant. If ribbon grass is grown in a large mouthed container it will spread on itself and fill up the whole pot, ribbon grass is also grown as borders in gardens as it is easy to fill up spaces and requires very less care.

Bright Sky in rainy season from my little space under the sun
 Enjoying the feelings of bliss under my little space! the sky with its Awesumness and vastness yet feels so close!
Huge Spider lily Bud Razarts
Spider lilly plants with white fragrant blooms look heavenly in the rains, I love the huge sized plump buds as the flowers are quiet large in size.
Beauty in my garden, Rizwana A
Clicking photos and capturing beauty is one of my favorites, capturing some happy moments from my little space, there is always some new life pulsating each morning as I enter my garden, an freshly opened bloom, some soul touching beatitude of colors and fragrances hitting right to all senses!.
Leaves eaten by pests in Rainy season
 Leaves of the fire cracker plant are eaten so also a few other plants are showing signs of new life, pests, caterpillars as the huge colourful butterfly has become a regular visitor to our little space. Saw the catterpillars, they are voracious eaters!However much I like butterflies , after gardening I do not love them so much, so these are transferred to a larger society  garden!
Caterpillar curled up from my garden
Fragrances travel far and wide, if you have a champa tree in your surroundings you will agree, Yellow Champa, Golden champa, Magnolia champaca, Champak, Flower of Joy! Citrus , fragrance calming for migraines and anxiety reducible stress. Overwhelmingly strong  for me, I love Juhi and Mogra fragrances more! The tree is supposed to be auspicious and has religious importance in Hinduism. Blooming is an auspicious sign and we are seeing lesser and lesser of such trees.
Magnolia Champaca , Yellow Champa flowering Goodluck 
new growth in Brahma Kamal plant
Meanwhile the obsession with growing Brahma Kamal plant still continues...added  new plants, new growth is seen, and will keep trying...waiting to see and experience the Awesum blooms of the auspicious Brahma Kamal!
In our Complex, Lotus Pond
The dream still remains, to make a lotus pond in my little space, meanwhile I do not leave any chance to click around any lotus ponds I visit, who knows I might get one!
Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You Awesum Happiness from my Little space under the sun!