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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nilgiri Fragrance in your garden, Lantana Colorful Flower Plants Care and Growing Tips

Nilgiri Fragrance in your garden, yes these are Lantana Colorful Flower  Plants. Easy growing and give out fragrant blooms, smell like nilgiri, eucalyptus , Lantana plants are not a native of India and have migrated here.
Fragrant Vibrant Red Colored Lantana flower Plant

Pink White Shading Colored Lantana flower Plant

Lantana plants have colourful flowers and the colours range from clear yellow, white to reds and oranges. I love the many shaded variety growing where the plant flowers into two colors.  The centre of the bunch is different colour and the outer layer of flowers are different. Nature is beautiful!
Yellow Red Shaded Colored Lantana flower Plant

 The lantana flowers are a work of fine art and beauty,  on closer inspection we can see that the whole flower is made up of tiny small flowers. When we touch them the tiny flowers fall and can be closely observed . The blooms are very delicate though they remain on the plant for long. The small flowers are very fragrant and the fragrance is woody and strong. When planted in groups the lantana fragrance can be felt from far away. Fragrance also feels like the Eucalyptus trees, and often the fragrance is confused with eucalyptus or nilgiri plants. The leaves are sharp and have a rough surface. Maybe there are tiny spikes on the surface of the leaves. So sharp are the leaves edges that we can accidentally cut our skin by rubbing with them to feel them or touch them.
Yellow Colored Lantana flower Plant
 Lantana plants grow in cooler climates though they require sunlight in measured quantities. Care of lantana plants is very easy and the plants grow very fast. They need to be trimmed regularly to maintain their shape as a bush and also to encourage more flowering. Watering care is requried as the lantana plants do not require much water and with over watering may die.
 Another most important care is that the lantana plants are prone to white aphids and fungus attacks. I have lost many plants due to this pest. As the plants can grow in full sunlight the best place would be to grow it under direct sunlight, this will some what also help to control the plant disease. Giving the plant a  thorough wash and shower also helps temporarily to treat the plant disease.
The fragrance of lantana flowers is great and will enliven the whole atmosphere. The lantana plants are mostly selected because of the great colourful show they give when laden with blooms. The lantana flowers are a unique pattern of small flowers growing in a bunch together. They look almost like a big shaded flower but only on closer look we can see the tiny bunch of small flowers. The flowers are available in many colours and shades. White with cream, pink with yellow, red with orange or yellow, and sometimes even three colours together.
The lantana plants have survived less water and direct sunlight and on outskirts and roads near  Bangalore, Ooty and many other hill stations where these fragrant lantana plants are growing like crazy have adapted tot eh climate well and give out profuse colorful fragrant blooms.  The survival of these plants have made them a good choice by many gardeners and also their beautiful fragrant blooms are another attraction. Lantana plants grown as central point in any landscape are great colorful displayers. And these plants are also  selected for borders and dividers in many garden landscapes. Growing Lantana in container in your garden take care to prevent contact with direct skin and also children and pets around see that they do not touch the leaves or eat the flowers.
If planted in large quantities the whole environment spreads the fragrance like wild, brings a feeling of being close to nature.Love Nilgiri eucalyptus oils, fragrance, plant Lantanas!
All the Best from Rizwana!