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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Easiest tip to grow plants without cash! Save Babies! Entryway Garden Flowering Challenges

Two precious babies of Gulmohar
 Save babies! yes, the best way to continue the lineage and also save trees! the most happy feelings , yes saved them! with all the shifting was worried of the two babies of flame of fresh which I had saved growing under our car in the parking slot. All the other babies died after the rains with no water under the parking area. shifting home, the two stubs remained...was feeling so sad...but they have blessed me..they sprung to life.So happy!!! 
If you want to add plants without spending   any cash, here is a tip! check your parking slots, garage gardens, side way gardens , of course do not pluck from private gardens. Here, you can ask for permission for cuttings, they will be happy to share the cuttings they throw as garbage!   
Silicone Gel roses 
I would request the gardeners to just tell me when they are cutting, trimming their plants and then I would bring the cuttings. I am so fond of flowering exotic plants that I keep adding every year, every season.  This time due to the fasting month of Ramzaan and with all the making space for each item in our new home we have begun two gardens, one is the entryway passage garden and the other is the window sill garden. Searching you tube and reading a lot on diy gardening ideas and diy creative pots, recycling, upcycling and lots more!
Tried the silicone roses, they are beautiful, there are so many creative ideas to decorate gardens with shells , gels and stones.
DIY shells very easy Garden decoration ideas
 Hand painted some shells, DIY so easy shells! creative ideas are so many. Lines, leaves, flowers, landscapes can be painted on these tiny shells!with pens, glitter pens, acrylic paints, its so simple and easy, just don't use water colours!
Adenium Rhizome transplanted
The Adenium Rhizome that I transplanted, with all doubts of the entryway garden challenges.. less sunlight, only few hours indirect sunlight. Careful watering, spraying leaves to keep the dust away so that the plants are is happy in the entryway garden and given out a bud, facing the entryway challenges and Turning victorious!
Adenium Flower bud from my little entryway garden
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