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Friday, June 1, 2018

How to arrange lily bulbs spacing of bulbs in container 7 tips for quick flowering

Arranging Amaryllis plant bulbs in container
 How to arrange plant bulbs for best and quick flowering? we all want to see the majestic show of lilly flowers, and these Amaryllis lily flowers are so huge , one stalk has four of five flowers and last for many  weeks.
The roots of Amaryllis lily bulb 
The best tip and trick to flowering bulbs , with so many trials and error methods I have come up with this-
1) They love to be root bound. small containers give good flowers.  
2) I trim their long tentacles during summer and they give out flowers. Because most of their energy goes in conserving those long tentacle leaves. Trimming brings a spurt of fresh growth .
3) If there are too many roots the leaves start to tun yellow and dry and then they do not give flowers. So see that the roots are proportionate and not taking over the whole container.The leaves indicate when repotting bulbs is required. 
4) I have never added any fertilizer, but cowdung mixture during potting soil helps. In fact they need less soil , just to keep their roots.
5) Spacing of bulbs is very important. Do not plant the bulbs at very far distances in pot. Usually I leave a few inches only surrounding the bulb planted. Closer planted bulbs grow better and flower fast.
6) Another practical tip- trim roots  of the bulb when repotting. They already have good energy stored in bulb. You can trim some roots and then repot to encourage growth.
7) Never forget to water the bulbs when you want flowers. and also once you see the bud on lilly plant appear do not shift place of the container. 
Amaryllis flower

Red Lily and white peace lily flowers
worked for my bulbs always, Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana! A female Google Garden Bloger , India!
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