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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to save bulb from rotting Transplanting tips in lily bulb

Bulbs plants are so beautiful as they flower with majestic blooms. We have huge amaryllis flowering bulbs, so many and while we were in our old home with an open terrace garden they had a blast with Awesum sunlight and now in the entry way passage garden they look sick.
Indirect sunlight did nothing for them and the shift was too much for them, they started to look mushy. Immediate action-critical care required
Amaryllis Lily flower

 Kaamini Bush looks happy, it is what I say efforts and savings of earlier effort that it has flowered immediately in the entry way garden, the trials will begin now after this session of flowering with indirect sunlight...have to see..
Kaamini Bush flowering Entryway garden
If bulbs start to look mushy immediately transplant.If not they will die.
1) may have over grown roots, change container.
2) soil may be clogged and they rot
3) less sunlight affects bulbs and they fall sick.
4) they love airy spaces with dry soil
5) they love to be root bound
6)if leaves of bulbs go yellow and soft, and soil looks wet even if you do not water, take immediate action.
growing bulbs
 What I did-
1) Removed the bulbs, they had over grown roots and the bulbs had begun slightly to go mushy.
2)I separated them, planting bulbs with tangled roots has chances of white fungus, root diseases.
3) I saw that there were huge thick roots, more than the size of  the bulb, so I trimmed them little bit.
4) each bulb cleaned and aired well before transplanting.
5) Layering of bulbs side by side. Only leave that much space for the bulb to go in and sit in the pot near the top.
6) Don't plant bulbs very deep , choose smaller size pots and grow them tight, they love to be root bound.
7) Mine loves to set out babies, so I have to not give them space for this, we want flowers!
over grown roots of bulb plants

separating bulbs

making soil 
very happy that in time  I saved these precious ones, they love the open window garden. Here there is open space, breeze and also some amount of direct sunlight.
trimming roots of bulbs
Happy gardening! All the Best from Rizwana!
arranging bulbs
do share your experiences with growing bulb plants, their flowering  and if you need any advice, here I am, practical information of growing plants for years with loads of love and spanking and they bless me with blooms! I do not sell plants!they are a part of my extended family!
Exotic Hippeastrum amaryllis 
tips for flowering amaryllis
rains and beautiful Amaryllis flower
Big amaryllis flowering tips

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