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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Seeds Burst Beautiful Show of Nature Adenium Plant Seeds

Adenium Seed Pod Burst

Adenium Good luck plant
Natural seed pod burst of Adenium plant
The bestest feeling, a natural wonder in natures show, the adenium pods, which i have till date collected  had rice shaped seeds, but this time I let it mature in the open on the plant, and was awe struck by the beauty of this pod. In the early ten o'clock sun the seed pod naturally burst in front of me into a magical silky ball, and the little ones were fast to run off everywhere, going along with the wind.
This is natures way of helping the plant to spread wide and around the world. With so much positive chi and the silky soft furry ball of seeds it was a magical morning. The fellows were so fats I nearly had to run to collect them and the feel was great. The softness of silk, the furry hair, and the protected seeds inside. Each seed was dry and covered with the silky soft hair.
They were as if alive and running everywhere fast and with one swift traveled to the whole house , with me after them. It was difficult to hold them in hand due to the silky softness and with another pod bursting I had my hands full. am very very happy with this gift,
1) While collecting seeds of adenium it is very important to let the seed pod mature otherwise the seeds are not dried properly and will not sprout into new plants.
2) Sow the seeds after drying them in hot sun so that they get the push to sprout fast.
3) Collect the seeds from the seed pod in paper bags and label them carefully without damaging the husk of the seeds.
4) If you wish to store or collect the seeds for after use, store in dry and dark place so that the Adenium plant seeds are not damaged.
5) The plant though considered a very auspicious good luck plant, and mostly grown indoors, actually  requires sunlight to flower well and our plant has given lots of blooms only after being under direct sun.
Furry silky seed pod of adenium

Soft silky seed pod of Adenium flower plant

How to collect Adenium seeds

Close up of Adenium plant seeds

soft silky adenium seeds

close up of adenium seeds

close up of single adenium plant seed

The magical seed of adenium plant

Collecting adenium plant seeds from pod
Hope we get to see many healthy Adenium plants soon, as these are rare plants and also quite costly.
Thank You! Take Care and God Bless!


  1. It is about two months, that pods have grown in adenimum plants. They look like matured, but yet to burst. Color has turned into purple. How long it takes for the pods to burst. And can these seedlings be planted immediately, or we have to wait for some time after they come out...

    1. Oh that is so Awesum Bhalachandra Shirolkar, let the pods dry off on the plant itself with natural sun. Once the pods dry they burst open.May take fifteen or more days but depends upon each plant and environment.
      A popping splattering sound comes, be careful, watchful as wind may blow away the seeds leaving an empty pod very fast if you miss out.
      Let the seeds dry off well and plant them vertically, they grow fast.
      Hope this helps!
      All the Best from Rizwana!

  2. Hi Rizwana
    Thank you for the photographs you've published, they really help. My adenium had a beautiful double seed pod that burst open this morning and I'm so thrilled! I've collected the seeds. Do I need to dry them still more before planting the seeds? As this is the first time I've harvested seeds, I'm nervous! Some websites actually tell you to harvest the seeds before the pods burst, which I obviously did not know about.
    In India I'm not sure what sort of potting medium to use for the seeds. Could you please suggest something? Thank you

  3. Sorry to bother you again.... I'm drying the seeds in a paper bag, lest they fly away! Will await your response on the potting medium.

    1. Hello Niloufer, Welcome ! That's so Awesum isnt it!to experience this. You have to dry the seeds. I do always before planting.Yes dry these little ones indoors on window sill , they do fly off , tricky too handle these.

    2. Niloufer I had planted the Adenium seeds vertically in pot and beautiful tiny blobs with leaves had come out. but birds feed on fresh plant best to grow in small sized pot, See that they get sunlight, so they sprout faster. Avoid over watering.
      Two layers of cowdung or fertilizer with soil helps rooting faster. All the Best from Rizwana!


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