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Monday, March 3, 2014

Two different Succulents Kalanchoe Plants and Important Care for Flowering Succulent Plants

Fleshy Succulent Plant

Bunch of Tiny Red Flowers
Succulent Tropical Kalanchoe plant,  so many variates of beautiful succulents are available, each with different unique colorful flowers.
Succulents are easy to grow but I have not had much of luck with them and finally have decided to keep buying succulents till I get the right growth techniques and formula for flowering!. The ones recently added to our family are near dying maybe because of the direct sunlight they face over the terrace garden. I have tried something different by placing the pots  on the outside window sill of our Kitchen window so that they receive indirect sunlight from early sunrise.
Bit I guess they need sunlight also to grow healthy. As for watering,  the rains, unexpected during last month have done the damage.The succulents plants have fleshy leaves . The growth patterns was similar to the early succulents bought over the years. Fleshy green leaves in different green shades from light green to greyish green to dark green , oval shaped, tear drop shaped or round shaped growing in circular pattern.
The flowering also quite similar fashion, a single stem comes up with bunches of tiny flowers, what is different and unique each plant gives different shaded flowers. I am so fascinated with the beauty of these succulents, vermillon red flowers look great against the greenery of the garden.
Two beautiful flowering succulents one with vibrant vermillon red flowers and the other with peachy pink flowers, growing in the same style, fleshy oval shaped green leaves, the elongated stem coming up with tiny vibrant flowers growing in bunches.
Single Long Stem with vibrant red flowers in bunch

Beautiful small red flowers in bunches
Succulents plants have unique showy flowers, ranging from light red, to pinks, white , shaded pink and white, off white, creamy yellow and white, to the brightest red. Hence succulents are always  loved ones and also selected for the less care required.
Lovely red flowers succulent plants

Succulent plant care

close up of red flowers on succulent plants
Caring for succulents- Water carefully , never over water but always water regularly. Well draining soil is a must as the root system is very weak. I have had to put rocks above the container as support to the heavy flower laden stalk to hold the stem in place.
Sunlight is a tricky aspect,  as I have learned, too much and the leaves dry off and less the plant goes mushy and stems falls off.
These plants after flowering are nearly dead, or look so, and then gradually the leaves start coming as tiny greens , at this time when watered more or very less the plant dies off. Insects and bugs love this fleshy leaves plant, very common to see holes in succulents plant leaves.
The roots are very less and the plant does not grow deep so it also falls off from containers with its own weight.
The good part is it succulent plants do not die easily the tiny stems also start another new plant when given the right conditions and soil for growth.
People boast of succulents as easy growers but i have not had much luck with them, The jade plants we have lost , and different calanchoe plants, though the last year one is still somewhere trying to pull off with tiny leaves.  The beautiful healthy silver jade is what we have in two containers, beautiful grey colored fleshy leaves, each leave giving out tiny grey colored roses shaped  leaves at the edge of a leaf. the beauty is that the leaf dangling over the pot also survives only on water and still gives out roots that grow side of the original parent plant, I have to keep it in place within a few days as this one loves to travel!
Adding fertilizers I think may help. As for the beautiful ones the one tropical Kalanchoe plant  is surviving with single stem and no leaves, they have fallen off due to heat and unexpected shower of rain last month.
Enjoying full sunlight I hope this one recovers fast!
Succulents are often chosen due to the sheer reason of beauty and unique showy flowers. And with this many more succulents are in way to add up to our family, will buy some more till I get the hang of growing succulents, maybe they will return some of the love back!
Thank You!


  1. These are so pretty! I especially love how vibrant the pink flowers are. My next door neighbor loves to garden, and I am always so jealous of how beautiful and organized everything in her yard is. I sadly, do not have such a talent, but sometimes it really fun to just see all the pretty things that she has planted and grown over the season. There are always new plants to see and I always love when it goes from Summer to Fall because one moment there are bright colored flowers, and then all of a sudden there are large orange pumpkins! So beautiful they all are!

    Charleston Stump Stompers

  2. Thank you Sophia for coming by Garden Care Simplified. Gardening is very easy, you can read my ebook, ) Terrace Gardening Tips for Newbie Gardeners
    Thank You, Take Care!


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