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Friday, March 28, 2014

Healthy Raat Ki Rani Plant Night Blooming Jasmine photographs Shared by our Blog reader Latha, Thank You

The beautiful fragrant flowering Night Blooming Jasmine, Raat Ki rani plant.
 This beautiful Raat ki Rani plant photographs are shared by our blog reader of garden care Simplified, Thank you Latha.
Freshly Watered Raat Ki rani Plant
 With spring setting in the climate has been looking great and the plant is also looking healthy with a nice welcoming spot near the entrance receiving sunlight and lots of love!.
Healthy Raat Ki Rani Plant
 The plant has been watered once a week and looks great, but as the temperatures may rise watering is required more frequenly.
Here we have to even water our plants twice a day on some hot days now or daily. With the climate at your place I think you will have to increase the waterings.
White spots on leaves of Raat Ki Rani plant
 The white spots appearing on leaves are a sign of :-
1) watering during afternoons or hot times when the leaves are hot and you sprinkle water over them.
2) Too much fertilizer in soil for getting many blooms.
3) Tiny black insects eating up, observe the back side of the plant for black eggs. wash the plant thoroughly and remove all eggs.
4) sign of distress, change of place or environment.
5) Usually when there are new green leaves coming up there is no need to worry.
Close up of leaves of Raat ki Rani plant

This fragrant night blooming plant Raat ki rani I have noticed requires a perfect place only then will it bloom and also give out fragrance. The right amount of sunlight, and shade and also right amount of watering.
We have lost many plants due to either over watering or under watering. The last one had loved a small sneaky corner of the garden and loved this place. It later on went to bloom but without fragrance.  The nourishment also has to be taken care of as too much again puts the plant in distress and leaves start yellowing and dropping, at such times water the plant regularly to wash off the excess fertilizer faster so that  the plant recovers fast.

While the mogra plant has taken to full blooming loaded with lots of fragrant flowers so also the rajni gandha, tube rose,  with its long elongated flowering stem, it is sad that we lost our orange plant which was with us for many many years. Will have to wait if lucky that the seeds may spring up with a surprise in rains. The hot season does require special care for the plants and though now I have selected plants judiciously and grown in large containers only  those that can grow well and absorb the direct heat during Thane summers! the anthuriums have burst into lovely exotic pink flowers and the peace lily is about to burst with beautiful serene white hood like blooms. but still the obsessive gardener indulges in impulsive shopping of flowering plants and many small planters find a place in unknown spots in our garden and learn to survive among the family.
Mogra in Full Bloom
All the Best Latha and Take Care and God Bless!
Thanks for the share.
Have a Great Day!


  1. Hey Rizwana,

    I love reading your posts about all plants. Makes me want to have all of them at my home. But living in a flat in a city, there are limits to sunlight and other factors.
    Fortunately I have a small open terrace outside the flat. So I'd like your advice on which plants I can grow there, in pots and trays mostly, for there isn't a roof or anything to hang things from. birds and squirrels absolutely own the place.
    right now all i have is an ajwain plant. what others should I get?


  2. Thanks Raj and welcome to Garden care Simplified. Yes this love for plants is so great that even when we don't have space I still have added a few to squeeze in between.
    We to have an open terrace and many palms, champa, mogra, canna, gulmohar, snake plant, rajni gandha, the exotic anthuriums peace lillies, , the list is endless, just select plants that don't love too much shade. the rest all grow happily, infact flowering plants do require sunlight, sunflowers grow great, love to watch how the flowers move with sunlight!
    Take Care and All the Best!

  3. Thanks Rizwana, I'll get those types of plants and will share my list here!

  4. Lovely, All the Best Raaj!


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