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Monday, September 4, 2017

Exotic Gardens! Udaipur Jaipur Saheli Ki Baari Gulab Baug and Pink City of Lakes Palaces Must Visit for every Garden Lover!

Jaipur Ajmer Udaipur a Exceptionally Awesum family trip, a much awaited family vacation after a long time,  was refreshing and a real treat to all garden and plant lovers!
Not only will you find amazingly beautiful garden designing but also exceptionally rare and scientifically cool or warm gardens. Sahelion Ki Baari, Sheesh Mahal , Palaces, Udaipur Palace, gardens, Jagdish temple, lake Fatehsagar Udaipur is Fantastically serene and vast. Palaces, bazaars, gardens and of course Pink everywhere, hence it is known as the pink city and the city of lakes! There is also a Vintage cars collection that is open for viewing for car lovers!
Must visit tourist spots, we selected a few that are really beautiful we were on a short trip. Full of folk and ethnic culture, thoroughly enjoyed the Puppet show and the traditional attire dressing up, clicked tons of photos and loved best was the Amber Palace, Amer Palace. Gardens, Flowers, and Art, culture, paintings, Artefacts, Jaipur Udaipur, Rajashthan is full of folk culture and we are back with loads of happy memories adding up to my gemstones collection, bandhini silk , and with a little sad memory of a missing earring purchased at Amer Road Jaipur Haat shop, have emailed at Jaipur Haat, as there was a simple negligence on the part of the packer who packed the necklace set with a single earring ...I hope they send my missing earring by courier as a gesture of so many years of sharing traditional jewelry and art heritage.
The Kings were just amazing and I am awestruck by the scientific processes involved in making these Amazingly beautiful gardens. Do take a guide at every place if you want to understand the history and real culture of Jaipur and Udaipur.
Pink City Udaipur The City of lakes

Folk Culture Artefacts paintings Rajashtan Culture

Mesmerizing Gulab Baugh Udaipur

Best tourist destinations Jaipur Udaipur

Sahelion Ki Baari Udaipur Rizwana Mundewadi
Mesmerizing rains all year round, as the queen loved rains so she had a garden that would keep raining water, water fountain, all year round without any electricity. Natural water fountains with mesmerizing rain dropping music.
The most beautiful part, there were sections in the Sahelion ki baari, for hot seasons and cold seasons.The queen sure was spoilt for choice!  each sector had tall trees and thick growth to keep cool during hot summers,,or low plants with open spaces to keep sun warmth during cold season.
Was awestruck with My Airavaat! he just seems to appear every place! White Marble elephant sculptures with trunks that poured beautiful sprays of water, beautiful water fountains with different pouts and different nozzles to give out natural water rain patterns.
Sentimental old nostalgic songs played at the Gulab Baug as we took the mini train joy ride in the vast palace garden.
A must visit for every plant garden lover, a real treat for a Gardener!
Meanwhile my garden is always taken care off by nature spirits, and this time with rains , excessive rains we are fully loaded with huge Allamanda flowers, chameli, mogra, roses, juhi jasmine, fire cracker, star cluster, peace lily, snow queen, red layered hibiscus and of course that yellow flower! I feel so sad to see these growing blooms that are huge and drooping over the container plants and they bear the heavy winds and rains and add up so much beauty to my garden, feeling really really blessed by the blessings of Mother Earth, the Universe has everything in abundance, you just have to tap this!
Measured Size photograph of Maroon Pink Allamanda flowers
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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