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Monday, September 25, 2017

Boston Fern Nephrolepis exaltata growing Tips Easy Best Feng Shuii Luck Ornamental Plants

Boston fern, Nephrolepis exaltata one of the most easiest growing ornamental plants that has universal appeal and grows in any space. Our garden baskets always keep overflowing with this and at times I have to cut the long strands to keep a check on this.
A great feng shuii energy plant activating wealth and career , north luck, The Boston fern has not got its due respect.
Boston Fern Best Feng Shuii Plant
Frilly, lacy, wavy long strands of sheer happiness!some ferns also grow quite huge in wild jungles , maybe another variety of fern. Also known as fish bone fern. Grow them in your garden, grow them indoors and even your bathrooms can do with some great feng shuii purification energy with these beautiful Boston fern plants.
While people always say they are easy growing, some people find out this is not such an easy task!Their ferns died of sogginess, burnt leaves and over rooting!
Some practical tips for growing healthy Boston fern plants.
1) Indoor plant, Boston fern can grow anywhere yet, it need partial sunbathing or light source to be fresh green. Too much sunglight will burn leaves fast.
My Friends from Heaven in my Terrace Garden

The small balls, bulbs, of Boston fern
2) It will get soggy if over watered and attracts fungus, white aphids, and ants will take over its roots. Water during early morning or evenings, as the leaves burn with watering during hot time.
Roots full in a Boston fern Basket
3) Check roots , it will soon grow over the basket. Keep checking and repot it to keep it fresh. otherwise you will see leaves drying.
4) The bulbs, small balls , oval shaped are important, they will make new plants. Be careful to not damage these while repotting.
5) Important practical tip, grow them in hanging baskets.
Overflowing basket of Boston fern 
They love this and look Awesum!this also helps water drain well and the fronds look beautiful with swaying feng shuij energy that attracts wealth and opportunities.

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