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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

How to click Flower Photographs with Mobile Phone 5 Practical Tips for Mobile Clicks of Flower Photographs

Spider Lily Flower photo taken with mobile phone
 Garden care Simplified , blogging and sharing my experiences since so many year and clicking photos is one of my favorite hobbies that has become my first love!
 From each new leaf, to new plants and exotic blooms to clicks of flowers from travel destinations and amazing places of beauty I have always found that mobile phone photographs are the most easiest and also can be taken as many as we want.
Pink Hibiscus photo taken with mobile phone
 Upper end mobiles do have high resolution images and it is also very handy with your mobile phone to click any flower photo you want immediately. We had a digital camera but most times we forget to carry it along and mobile phones with higher resolution photo quality are best from clicking garden flower photos.
Red roses photo taken with mobile phone
 Yet after many years the old photos seem blurry, some have no subject focus, some lack clarity and some are dull. I have learned some few tips that can help you take good quality flower photos.
1) Mornings are the best time to click flower photos in your garden. Blooms become dull by afternoon as the sun rises more. Fragrant Jasmines that open during evenings are best to click at that time with partial evening glow of sunlight. You will get a heavenly white against golden glow of the indirect sun. Flash always needs to be off. Many of my flower photos look different with flash and I prefer to keep it off. In fact in bright sunlight you will get the best clicks outdoors!
2) Roses that look Awesum but most difficult to click. Take the click from an angle to get the details. Roses when clicked from a distance will not show the minute details so take photo of rose flowers from side, a bit tilted will give you a great click of rose flower.
3) During rains, after rains the best clicks , so refreshing with water droplets, another difficult thing to capture while taking flower photos with mobile phone. Keep your phone lens clean. Adjust the focus, as this gets blurry and foggy rains. It is worth if you get a little wet , but avoid umbrellas during clicking flower photos in rain.
4) the centre of the flowers, especially roses, close up, details of flowers are amazingly beautiful. you will want to click these with your mobile phone. Get the colours right by adjusting the focus . do not get too close a pictures appear blurry. Zoom a bit and then focus before clicking. Do not zoom too much as pictures come out with broken pixels.
adenium flower in rain photo clicked by mobile phone
 5) Collection of flowers, flower arrangements and vases full of flowers are such a hot interesting subject to click. Focus on the composition. Take a section of the photo to click, if you want real clarity. Add some, minus some , choose the best composition from the available image. Single flowers are easier to click as compared to group or bunches of flowers.
Button roses photo taken by mobile phone

Single Pink Rose photo clicked by mobile phone
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