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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Am I a serial Killer? Succulents and Brahma Kamal Plants

 Am I a serial killer? are you a serial killer? its official now! I have killed so many plants, thinking about this brings sadness to my heart.Brahma Kamal plants at present are surviving, on our window sill, I just have to stop caring for them, very less watering , just not bothered whether I see the blooms or not, enough!
While more than fifteen years with gardening experience, container gardening, I am a very impatient soul, yet with innocent love all my terrace garden  plants, they do bloom and most , in fact almost all are happy with me except succulents. I just see the plants photo and immediately know what it wants! or what is its condition.
There are not always successes and I admit, I have lost too many succulents that I fear  adding any now...the main problems is I have kept them together with the others. Strong sunlight, they don't like, too much water they repel from and trimming they don't need! so succulents are a different , totally aliens for me!
Now at present they are doing ok, they look dull, some one fresh leaf pops up at an end of a large leaves,  but guess blooms are history!
Brahma Kamal plant 

Birds in my terrace garden
flowering of Cordylines

Pink Anthurium Flowering

Pink star cluster

Agave Succulents

Lotus blooming in pond 

White star cluster

White Anthurium 
drying leaves of Brahma Kamal plant

pests disease in brahma kamal plant

new dried leaves of Brahma Kamal plant

dried soil for Brahma Kamal plants

soggy leaf of Brahma Kamal plant

My Brahma Kamal plants on window sill 

My Brahma Kamla plants on terrace 
its exciting when some one shares their experiences,their Brahma Kamal photographs and well, how blessed they feel with doing puja and offering this Awesum flower to God.
I imagine how that time would be...when I see  a bud..I would break into a happy dance... and another long elongated tentacle with heavy plump buds...I would be soooo happy...on top of the world...then waiting for the bud to grow, as days pass by the brahma kamal bud will grow larger and larger...and there would be so much excitement in anticipation for the big night...the night when this flower will bloom...with its majestic beauty and presence of heavenly attributes the Brahma Kamal flower will bloom in my home and there would be no words to express , except feelings of being in the moment, most connected to the Universal life force,  and enjoying this bliss! and I would share my happiness to the world, doing the happy dance!!! so waiting for these precious life magical moments...hope the Universe blesses me with at least one bloom in this lifetime!fingers crossed ..waiting...Reading a lot on succulents, lots of blogs, gardening blogs, experiences, watching you tube videos, guess one day will succeed in growing a blooming a Succulents garden!
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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