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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Growing Avocado Plant at Home in Container Try this Simple Trick for fast growth

Avocado from seeds 

Avocado, one of the fruits that is costly and healthy and we had it from an organic grown farm. Hardly do I grow these fruits or vegetables with my past experiences with cherries and chikoo plants, but this time as I gave it a try , the Avocado plant has grown so fast and quite tall.
Planting from seeds is tricky and I keep getting emails on some tricks, for growing from seeds as many seeds just do not sprout!
Tricks What I did for growing Avocado-
1) I collected the seed from a healthy avocado fruit, (though the one was refrigerated for fifteen days before we had it, but I guess it was of strong genes and I got lucky.
2) After removing the pulp of fruit , very carefully not damaging the seed at all.
3) I washed the seed of Avocado, almost like a ball, just a bit oval shaped.
4) I let it dry in sun for a few hours.
Growing Avocado 

5) The outer layer, I peeled off slowly. Delicately remove the outer skin of the seed. Take utmost care not to damage the seed inside as it is softer after removing the covering skin shell.
Growing Avocado fresh first growth

6) Take a small pot, four inches wide. This helps to concentrate care and watering during beginning years of your new avocado plant.
7) partial sunlight , not too much and not too little, dark places must be avoided as rats will feast upon the seed.
8) Fifteen days to three weeks and your new plant will come up.

Red Unique flowering plant
There is this unique so beautiful vibrant red flower, so beautiful with ball like centres bulging out. Don't know the name of this flower.
Avocado plant grows very fast. The plant had a tall stem and then leaves came up on this. The stem is strong and grown to three feet with huge leaves now and maybe time to repot it to a bigger home.
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