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Thursday, June 15, 2017

How To know if your plant from cuttings is growing How Many days to wait after planting cuttings

This again is an issue that comes up with many gardeners. And many people ask that how to know if their plants will grow or not and how long to wait after planting cuttings. It is as if they eagerly watch the cuttings for signs but the plant looks shrivelled and dries off and yet they have hope it will spring into fresh green leaves. So they send me photographs  and emails of how to check and how to make the decision of letting go of any cutting , to understand and accept that it will or won’t  grow.
Mogra Plant Cuttings

Anant Plant Cutting growing Healhty

Anant Plant cutting wilted off

Chameli Jasmine creeper cutting growing fats

With trying so many cuttings, here is What I have noticed. It is easy and simple to know if the cuttings are growing or not.
After following all the basic principles of growing plants from cuttings and if the place, soil and watering is correct from day two you will notice differences in the cuttings. See that the cuttings are grown in small , 3 to 4 inches wide containers and not very huge pots.
Observe the cuttings from day one, the leaves do shrivel a bit but usually the cutting that has taken well to soil looks green and firm in the pot.

Usually it take week to fifteen days to understand if your cutting is going to grow. After fifteen days if you see the plant green then continue the care and if you see the stem dried and , for a check, practical tip-  I crack the tip of the stem, if it is green there is hope.  If the tip has become hollow and dried inside then no chances, let go of the stem and grow fresh cuttings. 
Yes, but here, the many impatient souls keep on checking the plant by removing the cuttings again and again and see tiny roots coming out, but this is not good for the health of the new plant and so if the plant has begun setting roots your checking again and again will disturb the plant growth and it may die (this was me years back!) The fresh root balls coming out are delicate and dry off easily when removed from soil, take care!
Hope this helps!
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All the Best from Rizwana! 
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