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Friday, June 9, 2017

Loaded Fruits in Our Garden Summer Happiness Feng Shui Symbolism of Fruit Trees in Garden

Feng Shui Health Fig fruit Angeer Tree

Custard Apples on Tree

Big Custard apples on tree
Fruits, happiness, joy, and excitement! Fully loaded this summer is our society garden with loads of fruits. Welcoming birds friends, children and elders alike! So while today children shy away from plucking fruits it is the elders who love to get a free fruit or flowers with emotional attachment to childhood memories.
Feng Shui Wealth Lemon Tree
There is immense symbolism to grow fruit trees in a garden and from Islam to Hinduism , Buddhism and all religions advice to grow fruit trees for the benefit of others.
Fruit trees in feng shui have immense symbolism as they are considered wealth and prosperity luck attractors. Any fruit tree welcomes birds , that brings in heaven luck. People and children are pure energy coming by and thus the tree in a way attracts more energy and prosperity.
Fruits simply mean food and is considered auspicious by Feng Shui Masters to grow a fruit tree in your garden, yard or near your home. While old folks , grannies used to say do not grow fruit trees as people will throw stones, not today, many are least bothered to see and most fruits wilt off and fall.
Fragrant Mogra Jasmines from our Garden
 Fruit trees can be grown in east or south east sector to bring in wealth luck. Round fruits bring in metal luck, the shape corresponding to metal in feng shui is circle, hence orange trees are considered most auspicious in feng shui.
Date palm

Just take care that the trees are not neglected and not drying off. Fruit trees are not easy to grow and require a lot of waiting period to see fruits. Then also the early fruits are often feasted by birds thus there is some part of caution required to protect fruits on plants when they are young.
Custard apples on Plant
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