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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Plants and Bulbs Garden Plants Sale

 Bulbs of Amaryllis red Lily Flower for sale All from the single bulb parent plant each stalk has four to five flowers and usually blooms once or twice a year depending upon the soil and sunlight. I have never added any feedings in ten years and they naturally bloom on our terrace garden. Loves to be root bound, grow in small pots for regular majestic show ,  flowering . 
Red Amaryllis Lily Flower

Bulbs of red Amaryllis Lily Flower for sale

Chinese Ever Green ornamental plant  Chinese Ever green, Ornamental plant, very beautiful lime green shaded leaves. Does not require much care as the stems are thick and can do away with direct sunlight , grows easily on window sills or indoors with indirect sunlight. Best feng shui plant for south east wealth sector, large leaves symbolize money. . Propagated very easily from cuttings of the plant and each small stub grows into a large new plant. 
Chinese Evergreen Feng Shui Wealth Plant

Chinese Goodluck Bamboo stems, Most auspicious and Lucky , for me and has been growing since years with loads of goodluck and positive energy, they grow really well in soil and also indoors. Also can grow in water with adding pebbles, and rocks. Goodluck money wealth tip-add some coins for metal luck while planting these and tie a red ribbon.  For buying Contact me.

Clitoria Ternatia, Vishnukanta, Asian Pigeon wings, Aparajita flower,  Blue flower climber. Email for buying.

Money Plant, Devils Ivy, Epipremnum Aureum, Golden pothos. Vine, can be grown in water or soil. Best Feng shui money wealth plant. Enquire for purchase.
Feng Shui Wealth Luck Money Plant

African Spear Sanseviera Cylindrica- rare plant. Succulent. Each clump comes from parent plant and it propagates from the original parent plant. Great feng shui goodluck plant. The same energy as Lucky bamboo and grows without much care. Can grow on table tops and offices without much care and are great for positive energy. Well draining soil required. Can grow in dark corners and indoors also and can do without watering for many days.  Resembles snake plant but has hollow tube like stems and flowers uniquely with off white tiny flowering stalk. Each stub costs Rs 1000 without container, only two available for sale.
African Spear Rare Succulent

Mother in laws tongue

Yellow Mussaenda for sale

Avocado fruit and seed
Avocado Plant growing in pot

All plants are my original grown since past many years and all seeds are originally collected from my terrace garden plants and naturally dried on plants. 
If you would like these potted , do let me know. 
If you love to add these email me at
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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