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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Celebrate Christmas New Year with your Own Christmas Tree 6 Decorating Precautions for Real Christmas Tree Plant

 Celebrate Christmas New Year with your Own Christmas Tree, how nice to have your own grown Christmas tree and decorate this plant for the festival. Christmas tree plants have always been a favorite among gardeners not just for their symbolic festive spirits but also for their unique leaves and beautiful shape. Assuming   that many of us  have already planted a Christmas tree well in advance we are all set to decorate our plants with lights and colorful decorations  without considering the  health of your christmas  tree.
Decorated Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Growing in Container

Christmas Celebrations Tree

Beautiful  leaves of Christmas Tree Close Up
 here I share a few simple precautions to be taken while decorating your own grown Christmas tree plant in container.
 Decorating Precautions for Real own grown  Christmas Tree Plant in container-
1) Assuming you have grown a Christmas tree in container it will be needed to be carried indoors for the festival celebrations. The plant may have adapted to the climate outdoors and sunlight and warmth it receives outdoors will not be present indoors, especially when you will be busy with the festival decorations and guests. Many times Christmas tree plants die off after the festival or are sick   and dried.  You can avoid this by taking the Christmas tree  indoors on the same day or previous day  of the festival.
2) If you need  to decorate the tree use small ornaments instead of heavy weight ones to put less burden on the plant.
Christmas Tree  Ornaments and decorations
Big Christmas Tree Growing  Land In Garden
3) You can also place the christmas tree plant container near the window where it can receive partial sunlight for the day. Something is better than nothing. Another option would be to keep the tree near a  light source but not touching the light. This will also provide sufficient artificial   light for the tree to be living if not very happy.
4) Minimize the stress and trauma for your christmas tree plant by keeping the soil moist and never forgetting to water. You may add stones or  rocks for the time of guests and festival celebrations to prevent soil exposure and evaporation of water.
5) Try to minimize electric lights and wires as the plant container may have water or be wet. Colorful balls and ribbons also do the same wonders as also beautiful  fluorescent ribbons  and ornaments. In case you have lights ribbons installed, keep them small sized, with light heat bulbs only.
Light weight Christmas tree Decorations
6) Many people uproot Christmas trees grown on land in their garden and use them for the festival celebrations. Many times the trees die of trauma and shift. If you are uprooting prevent roots breakage to minimum and plant in large sized container. Better would be to   plant the tree before hand a  month in advance so  that the tree gets adjusted to the container.
Its Christmas for you and for your wonderful garden plants.
Leaves of Christmas Tree
You can enjoy the Christmas  in your garden for a change! Have the celebrations indoors and let the decorated tree with ornaments be out as in its natural environment. Your Christmas tree will also have a  Merry Christmas and thank you!
Merry Christmas and a Very Very Happy New Year! Happy gardening!


  1. Thoroughly expressed.i will relate in your feelings My garden too is in bloom .my Bergerac roses and in full bloom I pluck a few and make a garland for God and the closing live on next morn its all showered on the ground like a white carpet. I'm working in OOH Advertisement ERP Many people uproot Christmas trees grown on land in their garden and use them for the festival celebrations.

    1. Thank you NagaRaj Raj! and Welcome to Garden Care Simplified! Yes it is so good to offer the precious fresh blooms to God,I too try to offer my red Hibiscus to Lord Ganesha as he loves this! All the Best from Rizwana!


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