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Monday, July 9, 2018

Even cactus dies with negative touch! 10 Feng shuii simple cures for plant protection

Does Evil eye affect  plants? yes, I am sorry to say, but yes, this is very true, with home terrace gardening for so many years, this is true. Plants shrivel, and die in a day immediately with some ones touch or when some one comments suddenly about its beauty. I have learned over the years to handle somewhat the negative energy for my plants, but this time caught unaware with our entryway garden.
As the garden is in the entryway almost every one touches the plants, I really don't know why , but they do!
Euphorbia milli almost dead
I think they check if the plants are real and flowers are real as I mist them regularly to keep them fresh and clean. 
So I noticed everyone touching this sweet euphorbia milli, every day, I did nothing...almost every time I take immediate action to save them as they communicate their needs...even the touch of a small child...oH,, the cactus shriveled and almost nearly died!
The thorns was what every one touched, I don't know, I had this thoughts that people would fear thorns, but they would touch brushing past them, the plant was well hidden between other plants but it had flowers...yes, flowering cactus. 
So suddenly I see the soggy stems and foul smelling cactus!
Oh, I felt so sad..with the evil eye glances and negative energy, our plant took it all.. this Euphorbia milli is with us since past 12 years and now a majestic tall heavy full container growth with loads of Flowers always. 
I was not one to give up and I talked to the plant, you cannot give up on me...I won't let you!
I immediately shifted the plant to our window sill where it was safe and also got some fresh light and air.
Then the waiting period...the most difficult one.. no watering turning the container , removed the mushy stems, they were was time that they had rotten and trimmed some stems. 
Close observation showed a few tips green, the tiniest of green was hope! It would survive!
some green on end of stems
Together we can make it! so every day within fifteen days, there was a fresh green leaf, I was so so so happy!It survived! I love survivors! 
new growth on cactus
 Evil eye does have a strong effect on Garden plants. Feng Shuii evil eye cures need to be added to your garden and plants also for protecting them from negative energy. There are so many cures to protect plants going on since ancient times.
remember old grandmas used to tie black cloth on fruiting flowering plants? I had lesson learned so many am careful.
I am not ashamed to protect my plants with feng shuii evil eye cures they are my babies, and they surely deserve my care and love as they love me back so much!
How to protect your garden plant from evil eye with simple feng shuii cures?
1) A combination of flowering and ornamental plants is good, they produce harmonious energy.
2) Have tall sturdy plants for protection together with beautiful flowering plants. They provide shelter and protection.
3) Black cloth of course does wonders! rich black, deep black cloth. Not the silky black one but choose cotton with its depth in colour. Even thick thread will do.
4) try the Ba Gua mirror, it will give protection to plants.Place it on spots where negative energy is prominent.
5) Old CD or mirror can be placed facing whatever is on opposite if you feel shar energy, poison arrows come from entrance of your garden.
6) Have garden ornaments as fairies and toad stools, I recently made a few with recycling newspaper, paper mache toad stool. fairies and nature spirits will come to reside in your garden and they will take care of your garden.
7) Hang symbols of protection. you can ahng religious mantras, images , photos of symbols that you connect with as protection symbols. Like the Swastika, The Aum symbol, the Trishul, or a combination of all symbols.
8) Do keep a check on who comes by and every day glances of people if you can, because negative energy is so moving and attacks very fast, you better be careful and not get caught unawares! like our ornamental gooseberry plant, it dies in a day! within hours, a relative plucked the fruit , tasted it and threw it back, I didn't check but till evening in few hours, it shriveled and was dead...
9) where to place plants in your garden? very important, do not place flowering plants in traffic areas. If people have to lean over them to have the view from window, or always brush past them as they walk by them with their touch your plants may fall sick or die. Touch, energy, mind you, is different on each day , even if the person is the same. So if they are stressed up on a day, angry,  the same person will emit negative vibes and walk past your plant leaving behind with residue negative energy.
10 Give them a thorough bath! once in a while for indoor plants in entryway garden , wash them thoroughly once in a while to wash off negative accumulated energy. Give them sunlight, a trip will do wonders for their energy!If you don't get direct sunlight, like we do for our entryway garden   have some yellow lights or yellow colour there.
Hope this helps!
What are your experiences with evil eye upon plants? did you see a plant shrivel to death in front of you? what cure did you try out for your plants protection from evil eyes? do share your gardening experiences!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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