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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finally the Flowering of Peace Lily

The peace lily is one of the easiest growing indoor plants.It does not requrie much care and watering. The plant has beautiful dark green leaves and can be transplanted by its babies. Small bunches of leaves come along the side of the mother plant. The flowers are evry attractive and different. They are an form of leaf. The new growth of a flower is very attractive. The plant throws an extended stem out which is of the same colour, green. Then an light green leaf is seen and this develops over time into a white coloured flower. It has an pod which looks like a small corn. This is a rare flower and hence not available everywhere. Usually seen in offices and home as they can tolerate air conditioning environments.
The Peace Lily plant
Nearly three years and my peace lily plant did not show any flowers. Regular care and feeding did nothing for it and just the green foliage grew. I even transplanted it so that it will get some motivation and growth spurt. No response! Finally what works for us works for them. Give them good spankings ! not physically just verbally! lol...I understood that flowering in any plant will take place when the maturity age is reached. other wise we will have to bring about forced flowering    by feeding extra manure.
Tip: if nothing works try this it definately works! Feed your peace lily plant with food and egg shells. If the leaf tips are turning yellow then it is having too much sun exposure and if the leaves are droppring then maybe less or more water is the reason. In my case there was less exposure of sun. For flowering any plant requires some amount of sunlight though not direct as it will result in  leaf burn. Even if you have your palnt indoors, or in the office remember the air conditioner air is not very good for your peace lily plant. Try to give it soem fresh air and sunlight at regualr intervals to keep the peace lily plant healthy.


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  2. Peace lilies make the perfect houseplants. Peace lily or Spathiphuyllum can survive low light and does not take require much care.


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