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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cyprus Vine

The new beginning of the fresh cyprus vine, The Red Flowers Climber. Looks like christmas flower, with the bright green leaves and red flowers. It has red flowers are trumpet shaped and very quick growing. Give it straight support and within few days it will grow very fast. The red flowers are very appealing to the eye and it looks like a veil of red flowers with green leaves.
New Cyprus Vine Growth
Transplanting can be done with seeds got from dried flowers. and you get plenty of them This is an unexpected growth as the seeds are transferred by the wind into all other pots. Once it grows a little bigger I can transplant it in a bigegr pot with strainght cord or support as it is a fast climber.
Unfortunately it is attacked by fungus during winter and last year my climber has some green foliage left as I snipped the dried part of the plant. Don't know whether it will sprout again as the roots are in place. Very easy growing climber and very attractive flowers. Will soon post when the season of summer is in full swing as that is the time for flowering of this beautiful climber. Last years pic. will post the fresh photograph for this years flowers (sorry for the poor quality of picture., plants have also taught me to learn to be a good photographer).
Cyprus Vine Growing Healthy
Tips: No special care and especially can tolerate the direct sun. Needs support and good for fences. The red is especially bright and cheery and very good for your spirits. Keep in in a place where it gets good sun, and give a strong support.

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