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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Chinese Lucky Bamboo Plant Growing Tips

Chinese Goodluck Bamboo Tall Plant
This plant was in a ceramic pot and later I transplanted it in a bigger pot. This is actually a green african native grass(don't know exactly but this knowledge I found from the internet)
It grows in many hard conditions hence it is termed as the lucky plant. And sometimes also promoted as good luck plant and money plant In Feng shui it is the most important plant to promote good luck and prosperity. It can tolerate indoor conditions and also grows well in water. Does not require much care but not all are successful in growing this.
Many times people mention that this plant is not growing and it dies. The most important reason is over watering and even if this can take care of itself I feel it needs a place near the window or with sufficient indoor lighting to grow happily. It may also die of over pampering and cleaning too much so that the roots are damaged ending the plant to be sick or limp due to root rot.
I am lucky enogh that there are many palnts growing well and this is the best that has grown quite tall indoors. Requires no care except few waterings.
Care must be tkaen to see whether edges of leaves turn yellow then it will have to be shifted outdoors. Edges can be trimmed so that the whole leaf does not dry.
Do not know how much luck this is bringing me but it sure is a highlight in the living room.
Tips: If your bamboo plant does not survive take fresh pieces and trim leaves from below the stem. Keep it in jelly balls available at all stores. The plant gets nutrition from gelatin and you do not mess up with over watering. Water only in few drops to replenish the gelatin balls. Remove any dead leaves and roots before transplanting to avoid root rot. The stem will immediately start new roots and leaves in few days.
All Photographs and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2010 Rizwana A.Mundewadi

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