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Friday, March 11, 2011

Plant Exhibition in Thane on 4th March to 6th March 2011.

I was very lucky to be able to visit the exhibition on the very first day. Great display of plants, flowers and of course adding some to my collection! got the opportunity to buy white lily (amaryllis) and gladiolus bulbs. Also took orchid but do not know the exact procedure for planting so it has taken a place in a small tub. I will see the progress and the orange and white lillies also have been planted being spring time they may start in summer hope so. There is also a passion fruit plant whcih I think is a climber and it seems they have great flowers and fruits may come up after two years of planting.
Vegetable Display in Plant Exhibition
Beautiful Roses in Competition
Winning Flowers
Hanging Baskets with Rare Plants
Beautiful Orchids
Majestic Cycas Plant
Landscape Gardening Projects
With the awareness of green environemnt every builder is hiring a repurted garden landscapsist to design beautiful, colourful theme based gardens. Here we saw very attractive garden projects which were designed to fit into the projects of the reputed builders in their housing projects. 
Landscape Gardening Projects
What a view to see cascading water. A scene of peace and serenity. Witht he awareness of feng shui many landscapes have a water feature in the garden. It is believed that water feature in the correct direction promotes good luck and prosperity.

The lucky Plant - Adenium
My plant has flowered in a very beautiful manner this year. It has nearly 10 to 12 blooms on one stem now. What a sight to see the pink flowers, which can tolerate sun and remain for many days on the plant.

Beautiful Flowers

Attractive Landscape

The Winners

Great Colourful Foliage Plants
Petunia Flowers
The lovely Petunia Flowers
There was vegetable carvings and display of green projects by famous builders.. Also varieties of orchids, cactus, foliage plants and grest roses, king of flowers. The lillies and fruit plant section was appealing and overal  this exhibition had a good response as it takes place every year. Hope I am lucky enough to visit the next year.

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