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Friday, February 6, 2015

Feels Like Heaven and The New Brahma Kamal Plants Huge Caterpillars and Growing Chillie Plants

Amazing snowy white leaves plant
 Amazing February, my birth month began with a bang! With the garden dressed up in amazing colors, our terrace garden has become a riot of colors! from whites to pinks to reds and yellows and amazing shades of greens!
Star cluster at its best

Balsam Pink flourescent blooms

Pink Exotic Anthuriums 

New Brahma Kamal Plants
 From the regular heavenly visitors we se the beautiful green bee eaters which are so beautifully colorful and its the beauty with which they fly and catch a flying fly from air!
Green Bea Eater birds
 Dried a red chillie for days, month to get the seeds. Actually you can get a ready dried chillie. And within a week they have sprouted beautifully.
Growing Chillie plants from seeds

New sprouts of chillie plants
 Shock! Screams! huge caterpillars, guess laid by the huge butterfly frequenting our garden and has feasted upon the huge dahlia leaves. Quite a size finger.
Huge Caterpillar 4 icnhes size
 Searched amazing google, symbolism of caterpillars. Its actually good luck a symbol from nature to prepare for changes and welcome good luck.
Friends from heaven parrots above  Tagar plant
 Then the parrots who keep looking at me and chatter, wish I could understand their language!
Another one Caterpillar 
Green Chillie Plant
The green chillie plants are very easy to grow and give out loads of chillies. Freshly ground chillies are always best in taste and health.
Thank you God Bless from Rizwana!

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