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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Grow Flowering Plants from Seeds Important Practical Tips to Collect Seeds and Grow plants from Seeds

Packet of flowering plant seeds
How will you collect flowering plant seeds and grow them for the next season. The bi annual flowering plants usually give out blooms and then leave us. A wise gardener collects the seeds on appropriate time after flowers have dried on plants carefully packs them and then again new life begins for the next season.
Over the years so many plants have been tried, I have learnt this after trying hard to collect seeds from my flowering plants. Many times the wait would continue after planting new seeds, days would pass and then months and no sign of growth!!!
Here I have planted seeds from Kerala nursery and always as we visit any hill station some plant bulbs and seeds do come along as the obsession continues to clam some more in the small space we have under the sun !. Last time was a beautiful lilly bulbs  and flowering plant seeds from Ooty.
The most important point in collection of seeds is to take a careful look at whether the marigold, zinnias, sunflower and many other flowering plants that give out seeds, have dried on the plant. Plucked flowers I have tried do not give good quality seeds. it is the process of maturation and drying under the direct sunlight on the plant that makes the seeds good quality for next growth.
Buy according to the label from reputed plant nurseries
 Begin planting in early hours of morning. Best time after winters before spring, early January, here in Mumbai, India or February and March, climate is great for planting new seeds. Very important to keep the seeds in sunlight, this starts the sprouting after planting very fast.
Expose the opened seeds to sunlight
 Label the pots carefully because all the new sprouts look the same.
label the pots carefully after planting
 Keep the new planted pots under direct sunlight and do not water immediately. Within a few days, approximately a week or more the new plants sprout into beautiful green shoots.
Now the process of protection from your side begins, protect the new saplings from birds and over watering. Cover with mesh or net cloth to keep the new plant sapling protected from being feasted upon, sparrows and pigeons, all my bird friends,  and of course rats love new leaves!
Zinnia seeds sprouting happily
The seeds have been brought from Kerala, plant exhibition along with Dahlia bulbs and gladiolus bulbs, all are beginning their new life in the small space under the sun, our terrace garden with our extended family of plants, hope they give me lots of blooms with all my love!
Zinnia flowering plants

Shevanthi plants Yellow Chrysanthemums
Hope this helps, do share your experiences with planting from seeds, if you have any queries or doubts regarding planting from seeds, I would be happy to share my experiences!
God Bless from Rizwana!

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