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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fragrant Anant Gardenia Flowers for West and South West in Feng Shui

Anant /Gardenia Flowering Plant
 Anant is a fragrant flowering plant, Gardenias, which gives out beautiful white flowers ,especially in summers when the days are hot the flowers begin blooming in the late evenings and are fully open during sunset. The fragrance is very distinct and you can smell it even from a distance when the cool breeze sets during nights in summers.
Cute new born Pups
 Our society garden had a few new pups that looked so cute that they longed to be hugged. But the mommy may be around so no one dare to touch them! Puppies are always in groups , I guess they are termed litter for this reason as they are born in five, six or seven in numbers.
Cosy Pups Litter

New Born Puppies

Newly Born Pup
The witnessing of flowers on this anant plant is a beautiful experience and I tried to capture the whole process of opening of anant flowers. The bud developed as an extension of a leaf nodule and looked off white and fully loaded and about to burst. The whole process is fascinating as the flower bud of anant flower opens gradually and the whole flower opened the next day. Simultaneously there are other buds and the anant plant is laden with new buds, so the show will go on for quiet some time!

Fragrant White Anant Flower

Close up of Anant flower

Majestic fragrant Anant flower

Bud of Anant flower

White fragrant Anant flowering plant
The fully opened anant flower looks similar to a white rose flower but the plant is totally different from rose plant. The leaves are different and unlike rose plants this anant plant does not have thorns!
Fully Bloomed Anant flower
Tips for flowering of Anant/Gardenia plant- This anant flowering plant can tolerate direct sunlight so choose a nice sunny spot for good growth. I have kept trimming the new shoots that grew side ways to give good shape to our anant plant and this is what triggered the flowering in the anant plant grown in container. The plant has given flowers within a year of planting. This Anant /Gardenia plant when grown in soil becomes a big tree and when fully laden it makes its presence felt till far away.
Give fertiliser before the beginning of hot summers immediately after winter as the plant in dormant state after chilly winters will get a new growth spurt at onset of summer.
As feng shui places utmost importance on white flowers and especially fragrant flowers this anant plant is very good for your garden or terrace garden. Place white flowering plants in the north, west or south west according to feng shui principles and your requirements. It all depends upon which area you wish to provide feng shui luck energy. In north it will invite career luck and helpful friends along with new opportunites and when planted in the relationship areas it will improve existing relationships and invite new helpful friends into your life. The fragrant anant flowering plant is very good to be planted in west as this will promote creativity and children luck. And with all the feng shui luck and providing positive chi to your home and garden its fragrance is the icing on the top as it has a heavenly fragrance, enjoy!


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  5. Hi Rizwana ,

    I have planted Anant 2 months back and it is currently 12-14 inch tall. recently few of its leaves are turning yellow from Green. These Yello leaves are intact but why are these turning yellow ? ANd when can I expect flower? Can I keep the plant trimmed round shaped at 5-6 feet height in future as it grows?

  6. Tarkesh Anant plant is very hardy and takes time to give out blooms.Our also bloomed after years, after many regular trimmings and feedings.
    The yellowing of plant may be natural due to winter leaf drop, or because of less water. Try to check the roots whether they are receiving water, if the soil is clogged the plant suffocates and leaves turn yellow and drop.hope this helps, all the best!

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    1. Rizwana, Any idea how much time i.e days-weeks Ananta bud takes to bloom into a flower ? I have Ananta plant just about 1 ft tall, it has currently 3 buds which are almost similar to the one shown in your blog, its been about more than 2 weeks time and I am patiently waiting for the buds to bloom into flower. Also is this a seasonal flowering plant, i.e does it bloom during summers and not in rain and winter season ? Regards

    2. Samir, yes the buds take time to bloom, just check they are not drying, sometimes this happens and the buds drop off. Water regularly.
      They bloom in summers as well as in rains, depends upon the fertilizing and trimming of the plant.
      All the Best from Rizwana!

  16. No doubt, Gardenia plants are specially known for it's strong sweet scent of their flowers,which can be very large in some species. Fall or spring is the most suitable time for planting this beautiful flower.

    1. Thank you,India Flowers and Gifts , yes very true! Gardenias are heavenly! Truly worth every bloom!


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