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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fleshy Climber Plant and feng shui

Fleshy Climber plant
 This fleshy climber is easy to grow and grow sin hardy and dry soil. the plant requires no special care and can grow even in toughest weather conditions. One of the prominent parts to see in this plant is that it is very heavy for a climber but still carries its weight by clinging t any support. grows near big trees or with support of a wall. You can guide this climber on a trellis as the aerial roots need to cling to climb or even ties strong strings or ropes for the plant to grow upwards..
Climber sending aerial  roots for support
This climber is considered very auspicious in feng shui as it grows upward and has stored energy in it. since the climber does not require much care to grow it is a storage of latent energy which is considered good in feng shui. It is mentioned in feng shui to avoid growing creepers and climbers that fall and grow in down ward direction as this will create a strong pulling force for everyone living in the home. Hence we try to avoid growing climbers and  creepers as they tend to ahve some part lower than the pot it is grown in. Even the money plant climber was a few years back advised to be avoided and many people following feng shui removed their healthy plants.
One important aspect to grow climbers according to feng shui is first of all they are stored energy and they grow upwards hence very good for career and wealth area of your garden. Try to avoid thick growth as the roots will damage your walls and create leakages in your home which is very bad for  your home members, as you spend more finance than what comes in. By guiding climbers for upward growth you can use climbers for best energy use for a feng shui garden and can uplift the energy in any area of your garden.
Important Tip- Trim the excess dangling fleshy stems for maintaining the shape of your climber. Do not allow this climber to grow off hand and keep a watch at its aerial roots so that they do not penetrate your walls, except for this the plant is a very good and attractive climber for your garden and will improve your garden design immensely by giving upward energy.

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