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Monday, March 26, 2012

Blooming Orange Amaryllis Tips for flowering

Amaryllis Flowering Bulb
 Bring Feng shui energy to your garden with blooming flowering bulbs. There are many colours in Amaryllis flowers and our favorite is red and with its majestic blooms that command attention from far away the orange Amaryllis also seems to be blooming with beautiful orange flowers. The plant bulb is very easy to grow and Amaryllis are available in many colours. Though red seems to be the strongest colour there is orange, pink, peach, white, liliac and yellow that I know of.
Orange Amaryllis Flower Stalk
 The bulb takes years to bloom and once matured the bulb can give blooms every year. Summers are very hot but the blooms command attention with their colourful attractive display. Bulbs are very easy growing and do not require much care.
Close up of Orange Amaryllis
The Amaryllis flowering tips- Bulbs must be dry and kept for some time dipped in small container of water when you purchase them from a nursery. Now plant the bulbs in a small pot, that which will just cover the bulb and give it some space from sides. this will give you beautiful blooms soon. Do not plant Amaryllis in a very big pot for expectation of big blooms. The plant is no indicator of the size of your Amaryllis bloom, this will only encourage many small bulbs from sides as this Amaryllis is know to multiply very fast.
Watering care is not so important and this is a very good plant for people having green thumb as Amaryllis does not require any special care after planting and the bulb will take care of itself , with only watering, and even if you skip some time.
Another important tip for healthy Amaryllis flowers and big blooms is do not cut the leaves that grow on the plant. They are long dangling leaves that on the plant as also the flowering stalk after the blooms have dried must be let as it is on the plant and allowed to dry on the plant itself. This is very essential for the life of your Amaryllis bulb. Let the whole stalk dry on the plant and then later on when completely dried you can trim it off.
For a healthy feng shui energy in your garden without much care you must have Amaryllis bulbs as the blooms are really worth it.Orange and red flowers will uplift the energy of your garden and must be planted in the south and south east of your garden for wealth and fame luck. When you plant flowering plants in the south west it will bring new energy into existing relationships and also attract more positive energy to make new friends and acquaintances. since these plants do not die, the bulbs may show signs of all leaves drying but the energy stored is there in the bulb and when planted it will again bloom into a healthy plant. Hence bulbs are very auspicious in feng shui as they have more stored potential energy that is available to the individual.Hence gifting a Amaryllis bulb is very good sign of friendship and making new relationships and improving existing ones.

All the Best from Rizwana!
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