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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Orange Fruits on Plant in Container

Oranges have been a favorite fruit for many due to its beautiful orange colour and the citrus fragrance. The orange fruit can be used in total as for juice and the cover skin , orange peel is used as flavorings for cakes and pastries.

With the onset of summer begins the season for oranges and our orange plant growing in container has also given out many white citrus smelling flowers. These flowers fall off their petals leaving behind a small center of green bud like fruit. This orange fruits grows in size and looks almost like a green lemon.

White Fragrant Flowers of Orange Plant
 Sitting near the orange plant in the evenings is a bliss as the citrus smell is everywhere. Scientifically it is proved that orange flowers are very good for migraines and anxiety as well as depression patients. The fragrance is truly of some citrus origin and it really uplifts your mood. A dose of citrus perfume in your own house, the freshness of the orange fruit and the hope of new juicy fruits all is enough motivation to grow the orange plant. Though we have a terrace garden and it is difficult to grow fruits in containers the orange fruit plant is easily grown and also does not require much care. The butterflies have a favorite fascination for this plant to lay larvae and the young caterpillars feed on the leaves.
New Leaves on Orange Plant in 
Tip for good orange fruit on plant grown in container:  Cutting the extra stems on the orange fruit plant will encourage more and healthy big fruits on the plant. Fertilize the orange plant as soon as winter ends so that the nutrients are absorbed before the onset of fruits. After the orange fruit plant has begun flowering do not disturb the plant in any from except watering regularly.

Green Small Orange Fruits on Plant

Bunches of Green Orange Fruits on Plant
Ripe Juicy Orange Fruits on Plant in Container
 The juicy orange fruits on the tree are a welcome sight for everybody and even on touching the fruits the fragrant smell of oranges is in the air. And the best part is to enjoy a cool orange drink in the hot summer afternoon, nothing like orange juice to beat this heat!


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