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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lemon Grass - Green Tea Leaves Plant

Lemon grass considered one of the most fragrant plants for making herbal tea and especially in the chilly winters and rainy season the benefits that green tea leaves along with ginger give are immense.

Lemon Grass/ Green tea Leaves plant
 Since childhood we have been familiarized with green tea leaves and almost all houses had this grass planted. the grass is similar to any wild grass and it is very difficult to recognize any difference from far away. The fragrance though is a very prominent one and once you rub the leaves you can immediately recognize the distinct fragrance of lemon grass.
Lemon Grass, green tea leaves 
Though not one of my favorites the tea is proved to have immense health benefits and hence many people plant the lemon grass in their homes to get a daily dose of good health. The plant is very easy and does not require much care for growing. The lemon grass plant needs a partially sunlight as the leaves will burn with direct sunlight for the whole day.
The lemon grass grows like wild and may need trimming to contain it in its pot, especially when it gets the right place, partial sunlight and regular watering. How to make herbal tea- The procedure for using this in herbal tea is to cut few strands of lemon grass and cut it into small pieces and add to the tea mixture while making tea. the boiling water will immediately release the fragrance of lemon grass and the concoction is very good for colds and coughs.
Tips for growing lemon grass plant- I see many places the lemon grass s dried and except for only a few strands in the center the plant looks like almost dead! Let us consider few important tips for healthy lemon grass growing.
Firstly keep the plant into a sheltered window sill or garden where it will receive only morning or evening sunlight and not for whole day as this plant cannot tolerate direct sunlight for full day and the leaves will dry off. Once the moisture is dried the leaves will also not give out its healthy benefits and fragrance. Also do remember when cutting leaves for use to make herbal tea, try to avoid cutting from the center. The plant forms new leaves from its center and when you pluck small new leaves the plant faces trauma and may stop new growth. Try to use leaves that are mature and from the out side of the plant that are long and will dry soon when not trimmed.
While watering the lemon grass plant take care to avoid watering in the hot sun as the leaves may burn. There will also be signs of dry tips on edges of leaves when the lemon grass plant does not get sufficient water according to its needs.


  1. Sorry but i did not quite understand what do you mean by 'avoid cutting from the center'. Is it the center of the plant or the leaf?

  2. Hello Ashlesha, while we pluck leaves for using we must take care not to disturb the center of the plant from where new leaves are coming. the outside long leaves should be used as removing central fresh leaves may damage the plant growth.
    Hope you got this right, Take Care! ,

  3. How does it propogate? Will there be new leaves or how will it produce new plants ?

    1. Oh yes Kanav, it grows from sides into new baby bulbs and plants. You can see the tiny bulbs with small fresh lime green shoots from side of mother plant, each one can be grown in a new plant after the space if filled in the container.
      Hope this helps!

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