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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Chinese Rose Flower Plant- Tips for Good Flowers on Chinese Rose

The Chinese Rose as this plant is frequently termed as is a flowering plant and can be grown very easily in pots and containers. Best seen growing in hanging baskets this is a fast growing flowering plant that is at its best in summers. In the scorching heat when most plants and flowers shrivel this Chinese rose flowers are at its best.
The term maybe because the Chinese rose flowers are similar to rose flowers but are smaller in size. They are available in many attractive colours and the best variety and the strongest ( by experience of growing many colours) is the magenta or rani pink variety. This Chinese rose plants are planted in planters and can be seen everywhere from restaurants to houses as grown in big containers to small hanging pots. 
The Chinese rose flowers will open their bud when they get sunlight and will close in early evenings. The life of a Chinese rose flower is very less and though the flower shows for few hours it is very colorful and attractive and chosen by many flower loving gardeners for its colourful blooms and easy growth. each flower will remain for a single day only and wither in early evening. But as the plant is grown in bunches you are assured of a good show everyday!
Pink Chinese Rose on Plant
 The Chinese rose flowers are available in many colours. The flowers are pink, white, yellow, peach and sometimes even shaded variety of flowers are available. The flowers also are of different shapes and sizes. You get small petals flowers and also the ones which have many overlapping petals. the variety which i now have is of small petal and this looks like a zinnia flower. We have had the peach, yellow and of course the original Chinese rose which had bushy magenta flowers which was very tough and healthy plant and it gave us blooms for many years and it could not tolerate the heavy downpour in rainy season and left us.
Chinese Rose plant

Bud of Chinese Rose on Plant
 Tips for growing Chinese Rose flowering Plant: The Chinese Rose plant is very easy to grow and will cover the whole pot within few days, I try to cut the stems coming healthy and keep planting them next to the mother plant, and very soon we see the whole pot covered in pink blooms. The Chinese rose grows best in hanging baskets and pots. This plant is used  as center or borders  in any landscape arrangements.
Choose a spot in your window or garden which receives maximum sunlight for healthy flowers. If the plant does not get enough sunlight the leaves look limpy and will not grow. A healthy Chinese rose plant will have erect stems and will have good blooms fast. The plant though looks very delicate is actually very sturdy and can survive quite some beatings from pigeons and other birds. As they pluck the delicate stems and throw them on the ground this plant will survive in indirect water also and even after few days if your plant the same stem into a pot they will immediately take root and begin growth. miracle plant!
Stem of Chinese Rose 
 I do remember this Chinese rose plant cutting was in my purse for many days and forgot about it, and as I found it the stem after many days I trimmed the edge and planted in mud immediately the plant stem was saved and took root. The Chinese rose plant needs regular watering as the summers are very hot and the plant grows best in the summer season. The plant will flower in summers and give extra colors to your feng shui garden and is considered very auspicious in feng shui as this Chinese rose plant brings positive , vibrant energy to your garden.
Shocking Pink Chinese Rose Flower on Plant


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