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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Flowering of Chickoo Plant

Chickoo Plant White Flower 
 The Chickoo plant has given flowers for the second time now after planting the chickoo plant for a year. At first thought the flower buds looked like tiny chickoo fruits and I thought that they are fruits coming up. The flowers had a brown covering on the bud and as they opened the white beautiful flowers were visible. It looked almost like the commonly known Brahma Kamal here, saussaurea obvallata,  flower except that these flowers were small in size.
White Flowers on Chickoo Plant

Close Up of Chickoo Flower
The flowers are making way for new green leaves and the plant is in full swing of growth. And here is excitement of the fruits coming some time.
Care of Chickoo Plant in Container- The chickoo plant has been planted in a big container for the plant to grow into a full fledged tree. The plant requires tough and hardy soil that can hold the heavy plant together. Fertilizer will be required every six months to see the fruiting for fruit plants grown in containers. Watering is required on daily basis for the fruiting season as the plant requires moisture to retain the fruits . Other wise the fruits will drop off the plant when they face prolonged dry periods.
The chickoo fruits may need acre and protection from the birds though I have planted these fruit trees especially for welcoming birds in our terrace garden, and they sure are taking over the whole place!

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