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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Healing Art - by Rizwana Mundewadi Portfolio

Art is soothing, relaxing, cathartic and aesthetic. There are many attributes given to art. A painting when viewed takes one to another world. The viewer goes into deep thinking and is transferred to another realm. Healing art is one of the ways to help a person heal from within. It is known that our aura consists of many layers. We take medicines for sickness and feel right. But does the soul heal? many times the same problems keep erupting and this becomes a chronic disease. Here healing art can help along with medicines to promote the well being and peace of mind.
Soul healing is the most important thing to be considered. With technology and electronic gadgets we are moving away from mother earth. We stay in sky scrapers and have forgotten the fresh scent of wet mud that is experienced from the first rain! We are so busy commuting to and fro to work and earn money, still it is never sufficient. The reason for this is we do not accept that our universe has everything in abundance. There is no need to struggle. Work hard and you will get.. Pray and have faith. This has lost the essence since we have lost faith.

Looking at the  birds from our terrace garden, doesn't the bird start its day without any knowledge from where it will get food? it has faith only on its wings, it flies in search of food. In Islam it has been quoted often that mankind has to go in search of food. This rat race will come to an end only on having faith in the grace of God.
A healing artist helps one to connect to the inner soul. Healing artist  and their paintings help an individual to connect to their inner being, and bring peace, prosperity and abundance in every aspect of their lives.

Still so many people are seen as desperate souls trying to find answers to so many questions, my answer is look within,  hit the pause button and you will get the answers, connect to your spirit guides and guardian angels and see how the beauty of life unfolds in front of you, a beautiful biggest hit movie and the main lead actor, you! Portfolio

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