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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Christmas Tree

Close up of Christmas Tree
 The Christmas tree is one of the loveliest and majestic tree which many people wish to plant but are not aware that it is very easy to grow a Christmas tree in a container. With Christmas trees used as decorations during Christmas this tree has become very popular not only with Christians but also among other people and many people use it to decorate during any functions. The Christmas tree looks great when decorated with lights and other ornaments.The top is usually decorated with a fairy which brings us hope and prosperity.
Majestic Tall Christmas Tree
 Growing a Christmas tree is very easy and it usually take scare of itself. Avoid planting the Christmas tree in full sunlight as the leaves tend to burn and the corners become brown. A partially shaded area or an area of your garden that receives some hours of sunlight is just fine for this tree to grow. One must also avoid over watering as the roots may rot and give way to fungal growth which will make the main stem weak.
Close up of Christmas Tree leaf
 The close up of the Christmas tree leaf is something unique and worth mentioning. The leaves are formed of zig zag pattern and are having a shape similar to a  fish bone. The leaves of Christmas tree may look tough but on pressing are soft but they come back to original form even after pressing them.
Zig Zag Pattern in Christmas Tree Leaf
The Christmas tree must be planted on ground when it has reached its potential growth or planted in a bigger container. The tree looks majestic when planted on ground and grows quite tall.
We see many offices and malls decorated with ornaments during the festival of Christmas but these are artificial trees, why not go in for a real Christmas tree, and enjoy Christmas all year round!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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