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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rarely Mentioned Facts About Terrace Gardening and Maintenance

Yellow Lantana Plant
 Writing with a heavy heart ... a quick survey after the long rains is that you see rotten leaves, dead plants and many slimy creatures feasting! spiders of varied variety coming up with the rains, snails, aphids, fungus, mosquitoes and also other insects along with the heavy down pour, whew, it is a fact that every year we lose some plants due to heavy down pours.
Red Fire Ball Flowering Plant
 These important facts are never ever mentioned anywhere. If you are a gardener you learn to live life and accept the loss. Just like we live and die so also do the plants have their own time of life cycle. Some tough plants survive all odds and this year I have made it a point to only plant tough ones who can bear strong heat from direct sunlight and also heavy rains.
Our rose bushes have bloomed quite well in spite of the rains with only care of cutting the fresh roses immediately and placing them indoors.
Unique Pink Shaded Rose Flower
 I have lost this beautiful unique rose plant, though it did not grow quite strong from the beginning which gives me an important thought to mention to all gardeners- choose healthy plants, if the plant is weak there is rarely a chance that it will survive the change of planting and transferring it to pot.

Green Jade Plant
Having lost many jade plants I wonder whether I must go ahead and buy another one. Though I have planted at least three different plants which were growing well the over watering during rains and cloggy soil left them limp. Maybe if I had transferred it indoors,.. but there is no proper place to put them inside as they look weak and dieing indoors in the dark gloomy environment during rainy season.
Spending on new plants regularly is another important aspect to keep your terrace garden well maintained. It is not by magic that your garden looks green and attractive with blooms all year round. Select the right plants that can bear the climatic conditions of your area.
Keep investing little by little if you really pursue this hobby of gardening. It is never enough and you will always need to remove some and add new plants over time. As you progress with your hobby of gardening you will learn to select the right plants and also those that give you better blooms without much care.
You will also learn a simple principle of life, that each one has to go and life moves on.. maybe I have to fast buy some new plants and press a refresh button to my garden!

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