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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Some Rarely Mentioned Gifts in Rains-Mushroom and Snails

Mushroom Blossoming
 We enjoy the rains and admire nature at its best in this season. there is greenery everywhere but hardly do we notice or mention some rare appearances in our garden. I would get some different types of mushrooms emerging from some pots every year. this year the mushroom coming up is very big and of a different type. usually the mushrooms coming up were in shape of an umbrella. This new structure is approximately 5 inches in diameter and off white coloured  with cream and dark brown ridges on it. It is a beautiful sight to watch mushrooms growing in pots.
Cream Coloured mushroom

Rare Snail
 Visiting a place on outskirts of the city I was astonished and in awe of nature by noticing this large snail crossing the pathway in an open ground. with the rains emerge many new and also existing creatures who come up due to heavy downpours. With lush greenery everywhere usually we miss out on these important parts of our nature
Close up of Huge Snail
Walking in the rains outside city limits will give many new experiences and you get to see may creatures and new exotic plants. Many trips are arranged as nature trials and hiking trips during rains to study plants and different small and big creatures seen during rains. But care has to be taken to protect oneself from bites and rashes from these plants and creatures. Also there are many different types of mosquitoes that breed during rains and one has to apply preventive creams to avoid mosquito stings.
Even the brown slimy earthworms are seen in plenty which I do not like but know that they are a necessity for good plant growth as they keep the soil porous and well draining for the plants.


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