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Monday, August 29, 2011

Colourful Zinnia Flowers

 Zinnia flowers have been on my wish list but I did not have much success in growing many plants bought from the nursery. Either I would over water them or under water them and I lost many plants due to this trial ad error.
One important lesson learned is that you must plant the seeds and grow zinnia plants if you wish to get sturdy and tough palnts.
The stems of my zinnia plants are tough and strong and have been able to bear strong winds and rains. Zinnias grow well in flower beds or window sills and they bloom with the same care required for other flowering plants. Some small pebbles of fertilizers available at nursery shops suffice to bring forth the flowering spurt.
First Zinnia Flower
 With the red zinnia flower coming up first I did not expect all the zinnia plants to bloom together. It was a real treat to watch zinnia in bloom. Red, orange, dark yellow, maroon, magenta and pink, zinnia flowers are the most colourful and beautiful flowers available.
Close up of Red Zinnia Flower

Close up and Details of Zinnia Flower

Zinnia Flower

Bright Red Single Zinnia Flower

Magenta Coloured Zinnia Flower
 The stem of zinnnia flowers is firm and strong and I have allowed it to grow tall. The trick to get bigger zinnia flowers is to keep the stem smaller so that the flower can conserve all energy and put it on flowering.
Blooming of Zinnia Flower

Majestic Zinnia Flower
Cut Zinnia Flowers
After the beauty on the terrace as usual I was tempted to bring nature indoors. The blooms did shrivel a little with few days and hence the cut flowers do not look very fresh, but they are very colorful and deep colored flowers.Enjoyed the Zinnia flowers out for at least four days and then cut them and the treats went on till another week till the flowers began to fade, but the petals were still intact.
The flowers when started drying were leaving a bit of colors from the petals and turning brownish in colour. At last the cut flowers along with the water in the vase went as feedings for other plants.My little part for maintaining the ecology!

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